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Thursday, March 1, 2012


     So first off I don't know if I told you guys and gals this but I get to go see the hunger games for free, why you may ask? Because I know the owners and one of the sons and some of their employees read my blog. They told their boss and dad and he read my review on pirates of the caribbean and he loved it and he also read fast five reveiw from the cherokee theater. So now he wants me to go in get my pencil and paper and pad and reveiw it. So it is kinda hard because not only will I have to write about the movie from both a non perspective veiw (which my veiw on it is that it is WAAYYYYY to dang mainstream for me and which I hate it FURIOUSLY!!!! But this may be a start of a big break for me in writing and what not.) but I have to reveiw on how people reacted. Fortunatly, I now that a school group is going, so I will get to see a very wide range of how people react from toddlers to the elderly.

     And here is the main passage. I just want to give you guys some things on my music updates. First off my favorite of the present time is the song What it is to burn by Finch. Not only can I scream/sing this but I can play it on drums. Yes I said drums! You see I went over to my friends house Rick Creel an elder in cashiers and he let me play them, I use to play snare back in 6th grade. So i looked up the tabs for a few songs like I miss you which is kinda hard but i like geting the rythm foir that song and just makeing a big solo/song out of it. So I am saving up to get me a pair of $500 drums. Im useing my big pro drums from rockband to practice which yes you can do it in freeplay drum mode and ye sit is realistic (pro only) so don't be skeptical. The only thing I diodn't like about playing his drums was that his sticks were flipping 7a! I like the bigger ones! Plus he didn't have a cowbell which made it hard to play I miss you so I used the rim of the snare.

     Ok so there is this song called Stronger (what doesn't kill you) by kelly clarkson. Don't get me wrong love the girls voice, but hearing it just makes me sick to my stomach I don't know if it's because it is so mainstream or because I disagree with the lyrics so much or because I just dislike kelly in general. Ok so first off her only good song besides that one is Since u been gone. Ok so listen to that then listen to this version by A day to remember. Ok so why do I like that version better? One: it bring sout the guitar more which is more than half of the reason why that song is worth a damn (excuse me), and I am a musician so I kinda like to hear my instruments in my songs other wise its pop or hip hop which lately I  reeealllyyyyyyyy really dislike. I have to be in a very verryyyy specific and rare mood for it. Two: it is harder and im a punk and kelly is a pansy twirp. Ok so the lyrics to stronger: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller"..... As the country boy I was raised to be (which I don't really act like one) I do NOT believe in that. I believe how you handle situations and how you rise above things makes you stronger. Ok so let me explain so according to misses Clarkson if a big burly man and a little nice young lady were in a darlk alley all alone away from everyone and the only way to keep this girl from getting raped and killed by this man this girl has to strip her clothes off and beg for forgiveness for being a lesser being because of her gender and then roll around in a pile of crap and then dive in a dumpster she will not die and not get raped...By doing that she becomes stronger and walks taller??? HA HA HA!!!! NO! She would have some serious problems. Now if she fought her way out or used intellect to get out of that situation she will become stronger. WHY? Because of how she survived. Now you might say no because she rose to the occasion and what not your just widening the range of what doesn't kill you and how it makes you stronger. My theory or whatever you want to call it has not yet been proven wrong and is direct and needs to widening. BOOSH!!!! I just won. Now I know im going to get alot of hate mail (which has happened before) for this but let me remind you who is the small town boy has lived thru thick and thin and still going and has good morals?  And who is the big shot super star and who knows what her life is like (for all we know she could be sticking to the rockstar code sex drugs and rock....oh wait SHE ISN'T A ROCKSTAR!!! HAHAHAHA) and would do anything to get another big hit? Write any thing as long as it gets put on the charts? I mean look at how being famous has affected her. Look at her when she first hit off and look at her now. POINT IS PROVEN!!!! Yes I respect this artist and I am open to any and all music. THE END!

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