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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updates and to does

     Ok so here goes nothing *cracks knuckles*. So I would just like to go over somethings I want to do this year. And looking forward to doing. Before I start I must say i have learned the beginning to mariana's trench by august burns red! And it is played in a drop C. And while I had it in the tuning I  decided to play agatha's fine goodbye and decided to change the tuning that the song was originally in which was standard to have the first two strings in drop c.

1. I am determined to get together with someone (I prefer a female musician or writer) to collaborate with at least one song that I have created on guitar. The must have song is Agatha's fine goodbye  . It has to be about a girl (agatha) saying a fine goodbye in some sort of smooth and lovely way. Thats why I would kinda like to have a female vocalist so I can make it more of a conversational piece but I could always do the same by just doing a pitch differential. But where is the fun in that? 

2.The second is to go to the beach for the first time, and go with friends. I mean I wouldn't know what to do. Would I sit and read? snorkel? Just swim? Beach volleyball? Now that would be lovely, I love volleyball! Football? AWWEEEE YEAH!!!! 

3. Hmmmmm I guess just go to and perform a few open mics. And maybe get in a band with a few witnesses. 

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