Warung Bebas

Friday, January 11, 2013

So today I thought I would just post some cool screamo music videos and tell you why i like them

this is parkway drive carrion live i love it cause it shows how the crowd reacts and winstons vocals are epic live too

this is The big empty- by For the fallen dreams. watch all the way thru but skip to 1:39 and watch the most EPIC guitar move ever!!!!

Attila- Rage ok so first off just listen to his vocals they are friggin amazing!!!! oh and jump while you listen (I've really been into videos i can jump too)

Of mice & men- The depths...omg i love om&m so glad i saw them in concert. but this video is awesome i love how Austin jumps around in a circle and stuff when they played this live the whole place started jumping and man the place looked like everyone was gonna hit there heads on the freaking fan lol

Monday, January 7, 2013

FIRST OFF!!! I would like to thank EVERYONE!!!! cause i have officially reached 7,000 veiws!!! THANK YOU ALLL!!!! check out this link for my sponsors store and my profile http://www.survivalpride.com/Survival_Pride_Clothing/S.P._Xtreme_Team/Entries/2012/12/20_Tucker_Moore.html

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