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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

just videos that remind me of you and make me happy/sad all at once lol

i love this song one of the first songs i ever heard by rise against i still thank casey shafer till t his day for being an awesome friend and more my brother and being there for me and showing me awesome bands

man i love this band i dont care much for their screaming but just the beauty of all their songs even tho they can remind me of that special person i had once. and make me feel extremely depressed sometimes

i love this band (already said that didnt I??? anyway its a cool video

"Tell me how does it feel. to watch a child bleed to death. from a weapon you designed. you've spilt they're blood. is your pride really worth this? such a mindless slaughter. bow down to greed. bloodshed. your lies cut their throat. such beauty. such innocense. set to self destruct. as you nail their coffin shut. with your hammer of hate. the flesh is torn. hate reamins.the. flesh. is. torn. they bleed. bloodshed. broken by your hand.
who will bleed for you now." <- lyrics  .....(ok so one of my favorite bands EVER!!!! this is one of their first albums and i love the drums in it)

Bedrock cover!!!!

give me everything tonight cover!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pop songs!!!!!! heh heh heh bahahahaha got ya

vvvSKRILLEX!!!! COVERR!!!!!!vvvv (rate:8)

Adele cover!!!! (May be too heavy for pansies)(rate:5)

 Helia - Alejandro (Lady Gaga Cover) (rate:9.5)

Yourhighwayhome - Dynamite (Taio Cruz Cover) (rate: for pansies 9 for a screamo artist....4 he has a good voice screaming tho he sucks BIG TIME)

Batten Down Your Heart - Replay (Iyaz Cover) (rate:6.5 i have to give these guys a thumbs up tho hard song to cover)

Forever Sets The Sun - Grenade (Bruno Mars Cover) (rate: 9.9 yes mainly because i hate this songs original version and when he he started growling i got all giddy hehehehe)

My Ticket Home - Firework (Katy Perry сover) (rate:im sorry but as a screamo artist id give this 7 but otherwise its a 10)

They Call it Mercy - Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Cover) (rate: 8.7)

My Sky Your City - Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)(WARNING TOO HEAVY!!) RATE: 9
                                                                                                                                 I Am King - Love The Way You Lie pt. 2 (Rihanna Cover) RATE:8

Thursday, May 17, 2012

dopple gangers!!!! *jaw drop*

ok so i found people who look like my freinds.....completely two different people but mannnnnnnnn i swear they look alot alike

lyrics to "rusted over wet dreams" by EMMURE  

"No words could ever describe the feeling.
The feeling of holding onto your ghost.
But if there's just one more thing I could ask you.
Just one more request.
Please don't ever forget me.
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/e/emmure/rusted_over_wet_dreams.html ]
No, don't you ever forget.
Everyday it's getting harder just to turn the page.
I keep replaying and reciting those mistakes you made.
And I'm trying to take my own advice.
That things will change.
But who am I kidding? 
I'm so afraid.
That things will change.

I want you to know how it feels.
To be in love with the ghost that bears your name.
Know that my love was not in vein.
And I'm trying to take my own advice.
That things will change.
But who am I kidding? 
I'm so afraid.
That things will change.

But if there's one regret we can share.
What shall we name him? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

just one more post hehe

if u like screamo annndddd electronica heres a great band and song to listen to Skip the foreplay "DJ"

now the first is winston mcall from parkway drive the second is jeremy mckinnon from ADTR i love theses guys alot and one day im going to be famous! i dont care what u guys say at all! when they always asked us in school "what do you want to be when you grow up?" id always say "idk" orrrr "Im going to be a rockstar" they always laughed but u see I didnt say "I WANT to be a rockstar" nooo I said "Im GOING to be a rockstar" and by god thats what im going to do whether im just the guitarist or bassist back up vocalist or a mix of them or the lead vocalist (what i really want). I want pictures to be taken of me screaming or singing my heart and lungs out while my chords are straining and my eye barely open with my muscles in my arms tenseing up showing my tattoos (yes im getting tattoos MUWAHAHAHAHA) so yeah ill have alot of other jobs before i make it big time but as soon as i turn 18 a few things are going to happen 1: Im getting tattoos 2: Im leaving sylva, no not to go to ashevile im going somewhere huge, now i hate the city and i love the mountains but there is nothing i mean NOTHING better than being an entertainer standing in front of a huge crowd cheering u on while u do what u love. and to do that im probably going to florida or out west...anyway i love u all but you're all worthless so follow your dreams
owl city ^^^^^^
Bruno MARS!!!^^^^ MUST WATCH!!! (even u lauren)
^^^^waka flocka flame^^^^

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ok one more post today

im going to be doing my hair like this i mayyyyyy shave it on the sides but idk casey has his shaved on the sides now so i may just grow it all out ooorrrr i may go with the one on the bottom so i vcan grow my side burns out which i cut yetesterday :(((((

so this was at a wedding and yeah well the recption hahahaha the bride is in the last photo we were trying to throw the big guy in the creek but we got him all the way there before the women decided that it wa stoo "dangerous"
so im really missing someone right now....i dont know if they still read this or not but i still think abt u everyday.....................it hurts but i miss u.....
i think ull like this song!!!

and this one

Monday, May 14, 2012

so holy crap besides this being an amzzing guitarist song....my friend was shot today she tried to be raped and the guy shot her no news besides maybe she will die but i can proudly say that at one point we dated and shes an amazing girl!!! im balling my eyes out and i cant take it anymore i mmiss everyone and everybody ive been doing my best and its just never good enough

Sunday, May 13, 2012

fav songs and videos right now

ok so for u who dont love hard stuff this is a great song to listen to..im going to be covering this song soon i love these guys i scream and sing just like them so yeah its amazing
ok i also sing just like these guys and getting to their deeper screams which is also awesome!!!! yes they r british hehe , yes they are sponsered by monster muwahaha hehehehe
i love these guys i can sing just like the bassist

i have this song on rockband and i intend on learning it like the back of my hand

what i love doing at concerts!!! XD

i love circle pits but with my bad knee its hard on me..but i loovveeee that as soon as phil the singer for whitechapel says "i want a circle pit" they start one just like KABLAM!!!!!
ok i dont care what the title says for this vidoe ^^^^^ thats a THRASHERS PIT its were basicaly u just swing ur arms around and jumop and kick and usually hit people i did it at the last concert i went to and me and a guy ended up locking knknuckles together which hurt like hell.
i cant really find a good mosh pit video cause moshing is like a bunch of people NOT in punching range cause ur all to close to punch
holy crap i just cant get over this concert!!! IT WAS AMMAAAZZING!!!!!! here not the video of the one i saw at the orange peel but it sounds and looks exaaaccttlylyyy the same ..ok so i cant find it on the blogger thing so heres the link


Thursday, May 10, 2012

h one more thing heres a song


     Yeah sooooo ummm anywho updates....im getting a full acl reconsstrucion surgery on my knee so yeah......anywho also me and chloe shafer are starting a book club!!!!! yeah its going to be awesome im going over sunday to get some awesome cookies and to discuss books im going to also give her "name of the wind"...."beautiful creatures"..and "the way of shadows"....so me and chlo both agree that jane austen books are just too slow which is cool!!! and also shes going to be knitting me an awesome baggie beanie!!!!!!!! My screaming is becoming really good now which i am loving it!!!! ill be moving out soon to caney fork with the eberlys away from homw which will solve a looootttttt of problems for me...thats it for now ill see u guys later!!! Oh the name of the book club was "the mixed reads" like mixed breds but we changed it too "The never ending book club" like the never ending story which is cooler

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

for those who think they love screamo

hahahaha so I know some of u posers think u know what screamo is...bahahahaha if u think "all I want" is screamo its not AT ALL. Screamo is by the way they use their vocal chords... at the top i posted a video.....U see even tho thats like the sofest song i know its got screaming in it...technically screamo isnt screamo it should  be called slappo because ur vocal chords slap reapidly to give iut that harsh tearing mucusy soundanywho bye for now

Monday, May 7, 2012

ok so first off id like to say..... LOOK AT THIS GIRLS HAIRR!!!!!! OMG!!! ITS SOOOO PPRRREETTTYYYY *dies from the cuteness** i think im going to marry her!!!!!! hmhm annnyyy way i went to the concert
THis is me with whitechapels lead singer phil <3 he is like a demi-god!!!!! i love him!!!!
so at one point theres a circle pit going on and some guy runs across straight at me *u dont do that to people on the outside during a circle pit* so what i did was take a few steps back run a little and haymaker (punch with all my body weight) right in his chest ok? so one minnute he looks like this -> I ....and then i hit him he looks like this -> __  so yeah im pretty strong. at one point a girl hit me in the head. she was pretty cute she held my shirt and a few other guys shirts at one point when it got too hot. oohhh i also tore my acl and mcl again in my knee at the concert!!! i love moshing... hehehehe

This is me with the lead singer from the plot in you and with my two other frinds i made the one with black hair is cris the blonde is dakota. we all moshed like crazy and after one of the first bands i looked at dakota picked him up and threw him on top of people and he got to crowd surf he repaid the favor by getting his friend to lift me up more than a few times it was amazing the first time i surfed EVAAA i was surfing and then BLAM!!!!! im in the air thrown abt a few people over!!! i got to surf 4 times that night

This was the crowd from the back of the "peel" for whitechapel

I bought a shirt yes i knowwww. it says the f word but it was crazy hot in there dso i got a tank top and it ripped alot which i sowed back today and im going to duct tape over the f word!!!!!! u see that signature at the top!! HEHEHEHE ITS PHILS!!! FORM WHITECHAPEL HEHEHEHEH

 and then i got the singer from after the burial <3 to sign here hehehehehe and i got a few other signatures on some business cards hehehehehehehe im still giggly from it

 annndddd of course i got another shirt this is a whitechapel shirt that says "YOU'RE ALL WORTHLESS" which is very much like me and i love it the saying is what the lead singer always says to the crowds
just another random photo
randooommm ohh and u see thosee deelliiiccious fried pickles down there????? they are amazing!!!! my older brother casey works as a chef at "frog leaps public house" in downtown waynesville and its an amazing resturant!!!!1

Friday, May 4, 2012

i get to see these guys in concert!!! its 1:36 p.m. right now and the concert starts at 6 and ends at like 12 maybe? we are seeing five bands
Miss may I!!!! LOOVVEEE THESES GUYSSSS!!!!!!!!
the plot in you!!!!! These guys are really cool
With In the Ruins!!!!! new to me but an ok band
and!!! WHITECHAPEL!!! OMG THESE GUYS ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVER!!! the singer is as big as me if not smaller and has a voice like that!!!!! omg its going to be amazing!!!
soooooo i was just minding my own business the other day in franklin  at a pawn shop and as i step out to get some air this girl walks in. I was like dannnggg look at that hair!!! So i smile at her and she gives me this little smile and a wink so i laugh a little and grin...i stay outside for a few minutes then i go back in and play some guitar and its a purple and black  which is at the top. andd ill be buying once i selll my $500 mountain bike. And she comes up and leans down and says "u know you should come over sometime"... i luaghed and asked why she said "well u got good taste in guitars and u can play my guitar anytime " and she handed me her number and as she was walking away i took a chance and said " \what kond of guitar do you have?" she looked baxck over her shoulder and said ull see shes very nice and curvy" and she winked and twiddled her fingers at me......i came a hair of saying of so u have a fender?  lol hahahahaha

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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