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Saturday, June 30, 2012

R.I.P. Jesse Frank Bryson

"Take me back to How it use to be. I'll never close my eyes again. How could I ever forget a place like this? I won't forget. No I won't forget you"-Forgive & Forget by Miss May I

Jesse you were an amazing kid and I miss you man so much. I was fine for the first hour waiting to see you. But as soon as I saw, in your photos,&nbsp; remembered How full of life you were and then looking at you so lifeless like a doll I lost it.&nbsp; .........Jesse was my age. Died in a car wreck. Instantly.&nbsp; Just gone. One minute he was there. Next he wasn't. I'm torn up inside. And to make it worse someone prank called me while I was in line to see him. I didn't answer but they left a message. I hate prank calls in general but if you do it to me.....especially while I'm visiting a lifeless dear friend it makes me want to find where you live break in and slit your throat. I'm going now to the convention or whatever love you Jesse! I won't ever forget you man </p>


OK it's 5:38 in the morning I haven't slept a lot the past few days. So I'd like to go over some things that just at really piss me off. OK so I was removed as a publisher Yes? And one couple decided to still associate with me. Then my friend gets removed also and they tell me to stay away from him. I'm sorry but Yeah u guys have been there but lately u havent. And the fact that ur telling me to do What uuuuuuu didn't do with me is bull. I'm not a hypocrite........ OK another thing is music.  If it doesn't have Good guitar rifts i start to get pissed if it has a Whiney ass Singer I get pissed. If the "genre" is Hipster or alternative and u still try to make me listen to it I get seriously pissed off and will cuss you out.  And metal if it doesn't meet my standards I don't want to listen to it......not slot people realize music is everything to me. It's all I've ever had to keep me moving. Not parents. Not friends.  Sure as hell not family.  Music, its always been music.....another thing is How my mom won't roll down my f*Ing window in the Car. It's the mountains.  Turn the God damn a.c. off and roll the windows down and cruise.......another thing. Is ty the little bastard has been stealing my stuff like knives that I bought and my sun glasses that iiiiiii bought. An D's he gets away with . When I confront my mom abt the knives. She ignores it. When I Confront her any the glasses s he said he needed them because he had some poison oak on his face. I called bull shit on her to her face. I've Had poison oak  cover the whole side of my face.  Did I need glasses?  Fuck No. .....and t he other day we were at our new dairy qyeen in sylva which is t he last thing this fat ass town needs. Yeah f at people disgust me. There shld be No Fucking reason u shld be that damn big. Anyway we were in there eating. Me ty Erica and mom. It was all fine and t he n Eric (step dad) walks In and sits behind us. So me and ty get in an argument which is nothing.  But he got in my face looked mean the eye and told me to shut up. Which ty neevvveeerrrrrr does.  Why? Cause he knows I'll whip his fucking ass on the spot. He did that be Cause his daddy was there.  So I got up in ty's face and said loudly "you will not talk to me like that. Do it again I'll wear your highd end out and if ur daddy wants to whip my ass for it then by God that would make my day. Why? Cause he hasn't legally adopted me and legally I Can pull assault charges and leave..... so talk like that to me one more time I dare you. You want your ass whipped and your older brothers ass whipped by youurrrrr dad? And then him leave and hate you forever? Come on do it punk ".....he just stood there like a dumbass.  Every bit I said was true. If I beat ty's ass which might be real soon.  His dad will come after me. And Yeah I'll lose more than likely if I don't snap his fucking neck. But either way I'm gonna put up a fight anD's in the end I'll win. Cause I'll get What I want out of this house and out of Eric's grasp.

I home is where the heart is. Why do I feel so fucking heartless?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


so if you know me you know my fav band is parkway drive!! Im going to buy their dvd soon

Sunday, June 24, 2012


this is my fav picture of him!!! :))))) 

He is the back up vocalist and lead guitarist. and the lead singer danny is giving him some love aint they cute?

oh yeah he is sponsered by monster XXDDDDD


So I would like to stat hoooowwwwwww much in loooovvvveeeeee I ammmmmm wiiitthhhhhh....................................................................BEN BRUCE!!!!!!! XD

idk if its the british accent or his beautiful face or his body or his ammmazzzzinnggg hair or how hilarious he is!!!!!!!!!! but i love him

Saturday, June 23, 2012

new workout

The Upper Body
Pick exercises that work well together like push-ups or dips, abdominal exercises, and pull-ups. Arrange them in a way that you can perform an "active rest" by doing another exercise to "rest" the previous worked muscles from the exercise before.  For instance:
Set #1Set #2Set #3Set #4Set #5
2 Pull-ups4 Pull-ups6 Pull-ups8 Pull-ups10 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups10 Push-ups15 Push-ups20 Push-ups25 Push-ups
10 Abs of Choice20 Abs of Choice30 Abs of Choice40 Abs of Choice50 Abs of Choice
…continue on until failure or just before and repeat in reverse order
Some days I recommend mixing in some sprinting exercises into your workouts. This helps with training for the PFT transitions that must occur when doing upper body PFT and then running afterwards.
You can also mix in the same exercises in one of my favorite workouts that will help you reach max repetition in these exercises during fitness tests:
Repeat until you reach these numbers using max repetition effort each set:
Pullups - In as few sets as possible get 50-100 pullups by resting with:
- Pushups (max reps in one minute)
- Situps (max reps in one minute)
- Running 1/4 mile in goal PFT running pace (ie 9:00 1.5 mile goal = 90 seconds 1/4 mile)
Repeat this cycle until you reach your goal in pull-ups in the 50 -100 range.
For Lower Body Workouts using a Pyramid and Super Set:
Here is how I recommend creating a pyramid mixed with fast paced cardio:
Run / Leg PT
Repeat 5-6 times
- Run 1/4 mile at goal PFT pace
- Squats – 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 , 20….(increase reps each cycle for 5-6 cycles)
- Lunges 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
You could make each set harder if you like the pyramid version or keep each set the same and basically make it a Super Set.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ok so before i start i would just like to say how annoying florence and the machine is now....i mean yes she has an amazing voice BUT!!!!!! She welllll it all sounds the same to me no differenciates. so now back to my music video posts!!
                                                   Falling in reverse- Raised by wolves

HOLLYYY CRAPP!!!!! ok sorry i was surfing the youtubbeeyy thing and found vids of the concert i went to!!! here is one that the last band started with and omg !!!! i rememebr it when it started it literally scare evvverrryyyonneeee and everyone got shaky and bout peed their pants , then we moshed lol

                                       so people ask me what my scream and growls sound like!!! soooo im going to post some videos of how i sound, they wont be of me not yet i refuse to record without proper equipment, tho i will gllaaadddlllyyyyyy scream along with annyyy song! hehehehe

                           my best freind collin said that this scream sounds just like mine when im messing around 

i love this band and i have this album on cd. they are UBER sick!!!! when someone of my type says a band or voice is sick it means it is kinda gargely and deep with a roar!!!! which when i let out my scream it sounds like the begining lyric where he syas "please" really loud and high

i love this song and wish i could play it on guitar but for now ill sing -it key for key ;;;;;)))))

                                         so here is my FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!! PARKWAY DRIVE!!!!!!! which i actually bought a rather tight tee shirt that looks like this LINK <- click it!!!!! and anyway this was the song that got me started on screamo it really did and i love it!!!!! casey started me off on slipnot but this is what got me screaming so yeah love these guys sooo much :')

ok soooo this is ana amzing band and the guitar player Ben Bruce hes the one who does a guitar flip around his body and does a spin after it. he has tats all up his neck and long light brown hair..yeah hes ube rhot i know right? lol hahahahaha oh did u see danny worsnop (lead singer) drink monster hehehehehe!!!!!!!! i can sing this song dead on except i cant hold on for like 30 seconds as he does

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is a very IMPORTANT and short one

So i have woken up to my email getting a good reads update from other people (you know who you are).....so! Today they had finished the third book of the hunger games....which i knew about from their tumblr. So if you are reading this and your that person. Don't think i have forgotten about our bet. Katniss ended up with peeta didnt she? I win and i will claim my prize. Sure as the world not now. But one day. Once ive left. And you supposedly "come and find me". But its not too long u guys till ill be 18 only a little over a year and ill be moving out then too! .......p.s. still love u

Sunday, June 17, 2012

So i got back from.the second week.of.convention today. I got to have the most amazing time! I got to.hang.out with all.my.friends my older.brother will Lathrop from s.c. and his.friends colby which.we hit it.off great!  And i got to hang.with shelby mindit whose.like a sister but not quite earned that status yet. Amd then got to see natasha miduri which i havent seen in years!! Her.kids.r.sooooo cute. And of course me will and she devlin all got together and talked alllll thru lunch haveing an amazing time. I kinda dig.his stache will didnt but we got to.looking and he kinda looks like.luigi lol so.we spent half the time.looking for a mario looking.man to.take a picture hahaha. Unfortunately we never found one.  But then after me the Eberlys and will colby amd.brandi.keys who.i love shes a country little.blonde whose real ditzy and we went to olive garden.which.we had.a flipping blast!!!! Non stop.laughter all the time

Ok so i went camping to the convention and camped thru the next week to the other week end.convention with the eberlys......in which instead of formally telling me they are with child the wife calls a friend in charlottle and says in while im around. Ok so i was the last! To.know....... so let me get this straight ive been in the same hall as u since i was born. And have known u guys since u were married. Hung out since u were married and been ur little bro since u were married....so ive known u for 16 years. Friends and closer for AT LEAST!!! 6years and uuuuu flipping decide to tell people in franklin who iiiii introduced u to first!!!!!! And they werent suppose to tell anyone but yet a mr. Devin brady did! (Which alot og people arent happy and want to hurt u no lie) so i call my mom to tell her and shes at my halls gwt together ans wouldnt u know everyone at our hall already knows. Woowwwww i feel siooo freakig special. Bite my bum! Another thing if u cant wake up and get out of my tent in time dont sleep in it. I had time to shower. Dress. Write this blog. And pack allllll my stuff in the time it took.u to get up!. Yeah im heartless so what. With child or not. My tent. My campsite.  Get the hell up! Im really sick and tired of neing pushed around. Im tired of always being the one blamed. 18 comes around and im gonnneeee screw my mom. My brother. My sister.  Eric (stepdad who abuses me but no one gives two flips  about) and alll these so called "friends" again bite my white butt!. Ive been doing swell without annnnyyy of u the past few months im gonna keep it that way. Nothing but freaking drama! And for those who think the shafers are nad influences well screw u! They r my brothers and yeah we may make mistakes but we are trying and r not hypocrites lile half the people in the truth.  Screw u. Bite my butt have a nice day buh bye

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So one of the things that popped out to.me at the convention is the part abt demons and entertainment. So i decided i will no.longer.play w.o.w. ....i mean they even said if it has "bindings" i.mean come onnnn w.o.w has soooooo much demonic stuff in.it and if u play ur.in very wrong

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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