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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nothing new, but updates

Well today is saturday the uhhh.....24th. Yesterday was a pretty good day even tho I did nothing at all...I think today im gonna go get my hair cut again and maybe go to the city lights cafe or signature brew...The thing is I doubt any of these places are open. Its been two weeks since ive gotten my hair cut and I can barely even tell if its grown. You see im use to long hair. Mainly cause I've never been shown what GOOOODDD short hair looks like till I saw eddie eckels hair. Now some will saw oh we showed you james marsden hair. NUHUH he has long hair and its styled to look short.. Anywho eddie eckel is like one of two of my role models and heros that I really  look up to. The first one is bob alexander. But the reason that eddie is I've heard the things he has went thru as a kid like haveing practically raise is family. And I've had to do that my whole life and I still am. And to see how he is doing with his life NOW!!! gives me so much hope. Hope I've never really had. I just hope that one day i can be like him.....Then again he has an amazing wife as well and shes practically my mom. And tho I am not attracted to rebekah like that AT ALL I'd like to have a wife with the same personality and morals as her one day.Well I think thats all I get to share today hahaha ok well wolf out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 27th

December 27th

This was the day my life changed

It was late that night when I got the news

At first I didnt know how to react

My mind was rushing

The tears were gushing

I couldn't cry then tho, which always got me

I couldn't cry no matter how hard I tried

Life was just a haze

From that moment all the way to right before the receiving of friends

I don't remember a thing

And I remember crying all that day thinking I couldn't cry anymore

Then thats when I saw her laying there cold with no movement

And the unthinkable happened...I cried harder

What I realize now is that, that wasnt her

The real her I shall see her again

Has been two years since that day

There has been days where I pull my hair out and ball my eyes out thinking of her

There has been days where I just remain silent stareing off into space

Not a day goes bye that I don't think of her

But my favorite days are days where all I remember is the good times we had

Discussing the Cowboys

Discussing music

How she loved the Zac Brown Band

Tho days like these are few I cherish every. single. second of them and so should you!

R.I.P    Karla Elizabeth Allred

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dopple ganger and more me being punk

Ok so I was just browseing thru deviantart and i found the bottom picture.....Well at least to me they look similar. The girl at the top is a really close friend of mine whom which I love. And do you see the ring the girl is wearing? Well megan has, I think a few rings like that and she loves them too. Anywho its time to get off the subject of these most elegant and beautiful girls ;) .....So my parents are getting old always saying "turn that music down" "PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!" and stuff like that and with myt fav shorts they do drag, and with the shirt I was wearing (my purple fanta shirt) because it was tight and not very long it would show my underwear every what 10 minutes? But anywho who likes punk music? -raises hand- yeah I dont care.....OK!! I would like to discuss a few things that has been putting me down, because I am not going to take it anymore III have to have some personal enjoyment in life I AM NOOOTTT gonna put up with anyone compareing me to someone ESPECIALLY when people say "oh he can do that better" ok excuse my french but frankly I DONT GIVE A DAMN!!!!  Im Tucker Xavier Moore, im no Shawn White, no Dave Grohl, or who the hell else. I do things to succeed but my PURE reason behind the things i do is to HAVE FUN! not to be the best cause something ive learned is there is ALWAYS someone better out there. always...So if you wanna go and compare me to others then I can leave cause apparently IM not good enough for you. And I really dont care. Cause everytime I start to care I get hurt, but then one person comes along to where I can trust them, i can beleive every word they say even if i know its a lie, I can be myself and I can be happy and I push myself to be happy for them and they accept me for who i am. I have three people in my life like that right now, and i love them to death. Ok and another thing im tired of people always bragging to me about all there fancy material things and the things they get to do with there friendsm again I dont give a damn, I may not have a Big Brand Name guitar or a fancy expensive camera, but AGAIN!!! I do things for the fun, to enjoy it. Men (or women) arent measured by how much of a man they are by how big or expensive their clothes are, BUT by the person wearing the clothes. So next time you go to anyone and start to brag take a look atr yourself in the mirror then think about all the crap the other person has been thru then choose your words carefully. Another thing WHERE THE HELL did everyones respect for me go? My own 6 year old sister wont even give me respect. Ok wells besides all that im pretty fine, im really happy, the only thing im scared about is this week im suppose to go to the fun factory and im really itching to get into a fight. And I dont want to fight, I love to fight but i dont want to be violent anymore. But to be honest i doubt any of my """"friends""" will even come.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rise up!

Its official.  My parents have become too old. Why? Well let's see. One I turn my music up just a bit and they scream and cuss at me. Now you may say maybe it is too loud. Well explain why when I have my ear buds in and im five feet away they tell me to turn it off cause its too loud. Now me being the punk I am I of course reply with "YOUR TOO OLD!" . And usually they pay no attention.  Two I wear shorts and my green converse and a tightish black tee shirt and have my hair all spikey/messy and my mom and dad will either say you look stolid-mom or you look like a dumbass-dad... Now another viewpoint. Id I went to Asheville with some acquintances and a my best friends emma and Rebekah. And now all but one of these people were girls. And I spilled my drink in the car on my deadmau5 shirt so I went to buy a new one. They picked out a tight v-neck and they loved it and said it shows my muscles. Which I don't really have apparently. And I get home around 11 walk in the house all happy like and the first words out of my moms mouth was "that shirt makes you look fat". Not where did you get that? Or why did you buy a shirt?...bummer. But then this is the same person who has always bought shirts that are twice my size all thru my life until now cause I get money from work. Seriously I have shirts I wore in pictures from 5th grade that.now fit me nice and snug. Oh well. What can I do? Well as much as I would loovveeee to rise up and be rebellious. Its against gods laws. So im just gonna wait till I turn 18 and can get the heck out of this place!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I thought this was worth reposting


"I beacame insane, with long intervals of horrible moments of sanity"-Edgar Allan Poe

Thinking upon thy's past
And looking upon thy's present
And the kind of person for I am today
I have seen that for I have changed in such a many a way
That once upon that old past
I couldn't have even begin to have comprehend these ways i would have changed
which makes thyself HAST!
to think
is these changes
ohhh these changes
been for ones good or worst?
For thyself shall never knoweth
But thy true
He, he shall always, always knoweth
my past
my present
and my future
But I do not knoweth....for now
until I knoweth wether or not
It is for good or worst
I shall Set on my way
my path
my path
of hopefully righteousness
that lay in front of ones self


im tired of the world right now so im gonna not post for awhile. good bye

Friday, December 9, 2011

What evs

Ok well no one has updated there blog lately besides me..........I has no life. So anywho on to the updates. I got to go roller skateing with my most excellent freinds megan, kaila, and lauren. My brother came alon which I didnt really mind. Except that everytime he fell if I was with in 5 feet he would blame me for. I've been watching smallville lately. Its this old tv show from a few years ago, about the story of superman but with drama. And lately I've been wearing alot of blue and black so of course I think im this guy.
 Yeah he's one of my favorites. He isnt that big of a character and not a lot of people know him, BUT I DO!!!! But anyway this is dick grayson a.k.a robin gone rogue. SO my life has been pretty good haveing some freindship issues with my favorite sister but other than that its all nice and smooth.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

tisk tisk wolf wins again

Ok Lauren im sorry you just can't give me a hilarious embarrassing photo of you.WITHOUT knowing im going to share it with others!!! So anyway this is a picture of my best freind with her beiber hair.Hahahahaha anyway I dont have anything new to update you on really. Im reading The meaning on night by Michael Cox and its good so far, I dont get to read alot so im still on like page 26 which sucks cause I reallllyyy want to read it.

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