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Friday, April 29, 2011



"I beacame insane, with long intervals of horrible moments of sanity"-Edgar Allan Poe

Thinking upon thy's past
 And looking upon thy's present
And the kind of person for i am today
I have seen that for i have changed in such a many a way
That once upon that old past
I couldn't have even begin to have comprehend these ways i would have changed
which makes thyself HAST!
to think
is these changes
ohhh these changes
been for ones good or worst?
For thyself shall never knoweth
But thy true
He, he shall always, always knoweth
my past
my present
and my future
But i do not knoweth....for now
until i knoweth wether or not
it is for good or worst
I shall Set on my way
my path
my path
of hopefully righteousness
that lay in front of ones self

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Help Me In My Weakness" -Jimi Hendrix

What do you do when it seems like everything you do seems like its never good enough for anyone else?What am I a soldier? Cause all i hear sometimes is ridicule,commands or lecturres. How do you know what your feeling is real when you think and others tell you your emotions are mixed up?What do you do when everything, everything you have is gone? move along? What do you do whenall your freindships seem either broken or twisted or dented/ what do you do when no matter how hard you try, it seems like your treading water upstream, and everyone else is progressing but you? What do you do when one of your most beloved freinds dies? What do you do when another freind gets the same disease as thge first freind that has already died?
What Do You Do?What Do You Do?
What Should I Do?
What should I do when I get so depressed for no reason, that when it rains, that just thinking about going out in the thunderstorm and just standing there makes me somewhat happy?What do I do when I listen to music and hear nothing? What do I do when nothing else satisfies?What do I do when there days, yes DAYS that whereI'll just break down and cry for no reason at all? What do I do when i write but nothing is written? What do I do when I try to run away from my problems but the problems remain? HAHA....What do I do when it seems like all my oldest friends are dieng too quick and too young?
What Should I Do?What Should I Do?
What Will YOU Do?
"Manic Depression"-Jimi Hendrix

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ultimate Question

 What first got me started on this post was a little movie called 'The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy'. So i didnt like the ending to it. ithought tht the ultimate question in the movie was lame. i always thought tht the ultimate question was " what is our purpose like whats my own individual purpose". Well i got to thinking and i thought and thought and thought until i had a brain tumor and died......................................No i eventually came up with "why".Ask me anything go ahead and ill answer woith one word...WHY?.....But as i think more about the question thing i ask myself isnt the question "whats the ultimate question?" the ultimate question?And then i thought again  and again then i realized what the movie answer really meant....it means tht every one has there own individual question and most of the time like in the movie it has something to do with love....................Please feel free to comment

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Love is a four letter word. Its a powerful word. It is as sharp as a knife sometimes, depending on how its used. Jimi Hendrix said tht "When the power of love over comes the love of power the world will find peace". Huey and the news made a song  called " the power of love" with lyrics that goes alittle something like this  " the power of love makes one man weep and another man sing".In some stories love finds each other by accident. In fewwer they find each other by looking for love. So the question arises where can we all find love? well here is my answer SCREW LOVE! hahahaha just kidding. if you have been searching high and low for love look in the middle if youve went to the ends of the earth looking for it stop searching and wait or look for it a little closer to home and rember tht love isnt in the looks its in the heart... and if you have done every thing u can to try and find it......give up! its either u were meant to do something better besides finding love or u were meant to die alone hahahaha.....................But it has been brought up to me tht u should never give up on love just take a break from trying to find it...........................................................................................................which brings up another question what are you and I meant for? (to be discussed at a later time in another blog)

The picture of the picture of dorian gray. the book that started to get me to read.

Well it all started off when i first saw the movie "The league of extrodinary gentlemen".I was watching this movie for like the twentieth time and as i watched the movie it hit me! All of these characters are from BOOKS! So at the time i had already read about tom sawyer and DR.Jeckle and MR.Hyde.So i asked myself wat about tht guy Dorian Gray?  SO i looked it up and found a picture of the book. So a week went by and i had forgotten about it, until i went to a thrift store bored to death and found the book. Its written by Oscar Wilde and i have heard he is a pretty good author so i bought the book. So it is by far one of my favorite books. To give some details about it its kinda dark, the main character is emotionally bi-polar and he lives for a long long time. if i had to rate it id give it  three stars for being a classic but out of my point of veiw i'd give it a four and a half stars.i would DEFFIANITLY recomend it for ur freinds tht r really selfish or stuck up or both haha.

On the battle front

If you dont k now what im talking about.....Well I should probably just tell u-football.Some know it as a violent sport that teaches kids violents.Wrong and right. You see the reason i play is for fun and to knock the crap of someone when im angry.Yes football is a very violent sport. I have gotten one broke bone, popped out knee cap, torn acl, and torn mcl, and all my knee problems haunt me still. Football even tho it is a contact sport if you have problems at home or dont have a lot of freinds footballs the answer. I was raised in football. at first the only reason i played was for my dad because football is his life and its not mine.Matter a fact i still do it until i quit tht is. but as i got older i realized tht being with my best buds and getting to knock the crap out of each other one minute and eat out the next is awesome! Being in highschool and in a small town u grow up with these same kids. SO ur raised to be brothers wether u know it or not.but it doesnt hit u tht u love each other like ur own flesh and blood until u have matured and u realize right then u would take a bullet for each other. But some of the best feelings in the world is knowing tht when u step out on the batle front known as the football feild tht ur brothers have ur back. ANd another is tht when u get to run the ball u r not incontrol of the team but ofe the whole feild. Being quarter back is amazing too even tho ur hands is under best frainds privates most of the time is tht ur incontrol of the feild and ur team. But some of my favorite expereinces is intercepting the ball, this year i had more interceptions than anyone on my team and the varsity. But the top two things tht i like most about football > #2 returning the football-one time i ran fifty yards and hurdled a kid on the opposing team,and even tho tht was the play i tore my acl it was amazing. #1 is running the ball while laying a shoulder and helmet into another player and winning tht half a second battle and keep on running. if u have anything to say or ask please do so

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