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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On the battle front

If you dont k now what im talking about.....Well I should probably just tell u-football.Some know it as a violent sport that teaches kids violents.Wrong and right. You see the reason i play is for fun and to knock the crap of someone when im angry.Yes football is a very violent sport. I have gotten one broke bone, popped out knee cap, torn acl, and torn mcl, and all my knee problems haunt me still. Football even tho it is a contact sport if you have problems at home or dont have a lot of freinds footballs the answer. I was raised in football. at first the only reason i played was for my dad because football is his life and its not mine.Matter a fact i still do it until i quit tht is. but as i got older i realized tht being with my best buds and getting to knock the crap out of each other one minute and eat out the next is awesome! Being in highschool and in a small town u grow up with these same kids. SO ur raised to be brothers wether u know it or not.but it doesnt hit u tht u love each other like ur own flesh and blood until u have matured and u realize right then u would take a bullet for each other. But some of the best feelings in the world is knowing tht when u step out on the batle front known as the football feild tht ur brothers have ur back. ANd another is tht when u get to run the ball u r not incontrol of the team but ofe the whole feild. Being quarter back is amazing too even tho ur hands is under best frainds privates most of the time is tht ur incontrol of the feild and ur team. But some of my favorite expereinces is intercepting the ball, this year i had more interceptions than anyone on my team and the varsity. But the top two things tht i like most about football > #2 returning the football-one time i ran fifty yards and hurdled a kid on the opposing team,and even tho tht was the play i tore my acl it was amazing. #1 is running the ball while laying a shoulder and helmet into another player and winning tht half a second battle and keep on running. if u have anything to say or ask please do so

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