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Saturday, April 28, 2012

well i started to like this girl from the uk. i mean she was beautiful and we had everything in common... same music same love of animals and evvveerryythiiinggg then she tells me we cant talk anymore cause there is "kinda someone else" who live the same distance away if not farther...what the hell??? i mean really if this just wants me to die just say so and i can take care of it dont dilly dally around the subject let me get it over with please!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ok so first off my camera thing sucks so sorry!
ok well I havent been doing to well lately........ i may be moving out of my house soon. :/ i broke my knuckle punching a brick wall. its so hard to be happy anymore. im officially flipping insane! I think i lost my job and now i wont have money to eat so ill have to reserve my protein shake mixes.....my family call me a freak because music is my life........ they dont know its the only thing that makes me happy anymore.       the only positive thing i have right now is that i made a song on guitar and i have lyrics i sing at the same time. to answer a few peoples questions yes i have been cutting and if u dont like it screw off. i deserve it. oh and im haveing to "study" at my "hall" with two different people cause the one guy they stuck me with cant answer the intellectual questions i need anwserd what the hell!!!!!! welll fuck this world goodbye

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I hate life

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still beautiful

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

well updates

     Ok first off id like to say sorry that i havent posted in awhlie because ive been busy and my computer is being stupid :/ . So whats new???? well I got 550 feet of paracord and getting orders already on stuff to make. I need more colors i only have tan :/ ......OHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!!! TUESDAY!!! WAS!!!! AMMMAAAZZINNG!!!!!! hehehehe god im so fluffy on the inside right now.....so I got some dr.dre beats!!! which RUULLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i got a huge survival knife which i will post later cause my combuter IS A BUTT!!!!! so i was at the tuesday cashiers meeting to see frank milanos talk and brother schott was there he started off by trying to stare me down without a smile for like 5 minutes but i won and did it with a smile the whole time MUWAHAHAHAHA he invited me to his talk thursday which i reallly am gonna try to go to so that will make three meetings ive gone to this week. ANd before the meeting started megan eberly and me were talking and i said "i wear this *points to ring* for protection
" she freaked out and was like "OMG TUCKER!!!! does that have any significance?" im like whhaaa???????? she said with a huge smile on her face "yooouuu know...megggaannn? " im like ummm uhhhhh no comment and i said no i wear it to keep the girls away and she was like "suurree" hahaha i love my big sis.  Shes going to hawaii next week and so im going to get me chrius the jones and me and zach and max to go if ya read this come on over and skate with me pllleeeaseee!!! even if u just sit there and be relaxed its all good!!! im sure we may get u to skate eventually hahaha anyway thats it for now buh BYE!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

a night with the shafers

Friday, April 6, 2012

soooo worth reposting

omg sorryyyy but this gets me sooo pumped!!!! the song does but the live version omg!!!!! It takes everything i can to to keep in my chair and not mosh around growling and screaming!!! it makes me so freacking -happy!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wow....its been awhile

Yeah its been awhile since i have last posted something.  If you looked at my schedule everyday there is work written down...no joke!  Even weekends. If im not working from 7-9 or 7-5 im working after the meetings for three hours.  I love my two jobs tho!!! Alot!!! There hasnt been one day were i havent been able to say "im proud of what i did today". Anyway its pretty sweet. Im only one step away from being a publisher again says my elders. And btw i painted my whole room in one day! Walls and all. Yes part of my job is to paint so yes im good at it. And im going to get some crown molding cut it and but it up in my room.  Yes i did all this by my self.  I want my room tl be the best in the house.  So my walls went from tarheel blue to seal grey and my doors are going to be black. Maybe don't know yet plus i got new furniture today.  and i still haven't gotten my money from the ticket i didnt use yet and im really pissed off. You see i got one job then my family (parents )said Tucker you are now going to be paying for EVERYTHING of yours so i had to get a second job. And once i get my status back its going to be hard to sleep at all cause im gping to be getting at least 50 hours a month but i want to shoot for 70. So its going to be veerrryyy hard. And the eberlys want to throw a huge huge huuggeee party once im back. Im planning on like an all day thing ya know? Outside with loudish music and what not ta know? Im makeing a list of who will be invited cause well i hate drama and it pisses me off and since its my party i can kick anyone out and by god i will Hahaha.  Another thing with my new hair cut i look like a marine with my 34" chest and thick shoulders haha i love it tho. Anyway signing off love u all!!!


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