Warung Bebas

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ok well I havent been doing to well lately........ i may be moving out of my house soon. :/ i broke my knuckle punching a brick wall. its so hard to be happy anymore. im officially flipping insane! I think i lost my job and now i wont have money to eat so ill have to reserve my protein shake mixes.....my family call me a freak because music is my life........ they dont know its the only thing that makes me happy anymore.       the only positive thing i have right now is that i made a song on guitar and i have lyrics i sing at the same time. to answer a few peoples questions yes i have been cutting and if u dont like it screw off. i deserve it. oh and im haveing to "study" at my "hall" with two different people cause the one guy they stuck me with cant answer the intellectual questions i need anwserd what the hell!!!!!! welll fuck this world goodbye

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