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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Delusions And I
(Green: intro....Red: verse..... Black: chorus) 

When the bulls rush to the gate
Will you run
Or will you face your fate?

What If I'm tired of endless wondering?
Hopelessly flying through a sea of abandoned thought
One day we have to rot

Scream in their faces
Mosh on their graves
For today shall be our day!

And at that time When
What shall you think of me Then?
I wonder how you and I 
Will be remembered

Scream in their faces
Mosh on their graves
For today shall be our day!

WIll our doing have an effect
On the minds of the future?
Will we have tampered
With the history books of tomorrow?
Or will we drown ourselves in our own sorrow?

~partially written by: Tucker/Xavier Moore

Fading by: The Delusions And I

Fading by: The Delusions And I
“I was on an adventure when I found you 
(fading away)
We were lost in each others moments
But the promises we said we never really made
(slipping away)
Now all the times we had we watch fade

Now as we watch the world 
Fade Away
Watching the world
Slip Away

Not all faery tales have a happy ending
(fading away)
When hope is all but lost
And everything falls apart
(slipping away)
A light from the darkness will rise anew
This is where our feary tale begins”

~Written by: Tucker/Xavier Moore

Pendulum by The Delusions And I

Pendulum by The Delusions And I
I can feel this pain
I can feel it burning in my heart
and i know it makes me stronger
but yet you push me further 

~written by David Johnson


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