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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

apparently someone googled my name and then tlc into google to look for my blog. i dont know who you are and i really dont care to be honest but well ive probably met you and this is crazy but screw off maybe? yes. yes i just did that. i dont want people in my life so stay out! select few thats all. sooo besides the fact life sucks....now when i usually say this some roll there eyes and say im a drama a queen but ya know i guess my dad being sent off to a mental hospital and wanting to divorce my mom and my lil brother creating a suicide note and being caught in the act and stopped and then my knee surgery soon isnt really life sucking.. right? SCREW OFF!!!!! all of you some of you have been there for me and said u would like the eberlys and i respect that others now u say it but u yet hold a grudge. eh i really dont even care abt going into it all i know is i dont like you i dont want you and thats basically it oh! i was profiled or diagnosed or whatever for being antisocial...haha u may say TUCKER? NO WAY!!!! well things happen to people that change them. but "how you survie is what makes you who you are" not that bull crap "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" its b.s. i say B>S>!!!! anywho ive been on a lyric frenzy lately i would sooo upload them but then again i hate all of you haha! so lets see hmmmmmmmm. OH! going to go see kings of prussia!!!! at the peel they are a heavy metal/ electronica instrumental band no words at all. um im going to also go see ten years! AND OMG OMG OMG THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS!!!! EEPPPPP i  love rja!!!!!!!!!!!  too bad ill be on crutches then!!!! ANd ima go see august burns red (one of the first bands i ever heard that got me into metal/screamo) and OF MICE AND MEN!!!!!!! EPP!!!! god i love bands i can sing perfect!!! so i apparently have a high pitched singing voice like i can sing one direction sleeping with sirens pierce the veil and of mice and men and the red jumpsuit apparatus spot ON!!!!! i ju st like singing in general....now my scream tho is well ummm can reach all lengths at this moment but i can only do one for so long like if i do mid or high or low pitch i can go a few hours of singing but if i mix them i can go abt one. anyway im also gonna go see pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens on their tour with my buddy seth from the coast and we are gonna go ..well he is gonna ggo...ok well we r gonna be full on scene (emo posers). but i dress like that now so he only does when its near the cold season cause well...he lives at the beach.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sean kingston concert!!!!! And just two scenies (emo posers)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hand's Tatto

Monday, August 20, 2012

If u have nothing. U can grow and only go up. Even u may live in depression and denial and hate. But u camt lose except everyday u lose the chance to increase ur life. But id rather be nothing and have nothing than lose everyday

I try everyday so i wont burn.. ive tried believeing if i did good. good would happen .....where is it!!?!?!?!  I deserve some happiness but all life says is i should be buried
Buried six feet down. Maggots eat my carrion in sweet bliss. I can feel the dogs piss seeping.  thru the ground. Im in your yard. The ground so cold so hard....(slow acoustic/or soft guitar) friends are for the buried..(stops) so until i die. RUN OFF!!! (<-breakdown) In the darkness of light. we can see our own horizon. Every man has his breaking point. death comes free of charge. To those with two sided friends. Pennys to the eyes. I see the way. Of satans lies.

Look when i die no one will remember me. No one will care after a while we all go down in the books but in everyday life we are all filth just some are veiwed better like u everyone loves u. When i go . U will forget me

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whats wrong with me? Why is it so hard for people to like me?  My dad woke me up at 4 in the morning to yell at me for random things and the. Eventually told me he doesnt know how i keep from killing myself. Im always being called a freak or gay and no matter what i do to make people like me they dont i mean what am i doing????

Friday, August 10, 2012

It has come to my attention i will be singing at my best friends wedding...yeah you might ask yourself "why the bloody ell would anyone wnat tucker to sing?" well let me just let yoouuuu know SCREW OFF!!!!! I'm going to be singing scene, If im james dead then your audrey hepburn. this issss the acoustic version by sleeping with sirens.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


http://www.purpleologist.com/  my lady found this and next time i visit we shall attned this amazing store of purple!!!!! i love how we both love the color of awesome


We all know that I am in love with bane and if iw as annnyyyy super anything thats who I would be.....sooo my friend justin is the same way but with..welll bane!!!! me and him are both defined and like to fight and yes we are both witnesses...so soon after my surgery we shall dress up and fight. 

^this is justin^

Friday, August 3, 2012


ok so im posting these videos to show you guys what two songs me and my new band shall be covering. do not hate on the metal song!!!

Raising A Dirge (otherwise known as R.A.D)

Where the name came from: Well I was doing bible reading and i came across Jeremiah 9:18 "let them quickly raise a dirge over us, so that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids flow with water."
What the band name means: Well as soon as i read the scripture i looked up what dirge meant and it means "a funeral song" so i thought immediatly it would be R.A.D so either way call us rad or raising a dirge
What music we shall be playing: we shall be playing mostly metal and acoustic! we have one song already down on guitar and drums and we just need an electronic dj to help us we want to start the song off with some light acoustic guitar then it all goes dark no sound and all you hear is the new banes voice from rise of the dark knight saying "I will break you" and then you hear the drop (dubstep) and hear a bloody curdeling scream as we go into some heavy rifts.

Band members and what they do:

Seth Mcloud
Age: 17
Position: Bassist/ Back up clean vocals
Seth is a great friend of mine and is a witness and co starter of the band.He is alot like me we dress scene/emo but we r also big surfer guys or a little preppy

 Justin Vanderburg
Position: Drummer
Age: 21
Justin is a good buddy of mine tho i call him bane and he calls me batman why? well when we first met we did the voices perfect i do batman and he does bane and he looks the size of bane (tom hardy) and ive got the body of christian bales batman so at sometime we are going to dress up and go at it and video the fight..he is also a witness
Alyssa Chevalier
Age: 17
Position: short term guitarist and gorupie (my groupie)
Alyssa is a somewhat good guitar player i beleive i can get her to play certain things i cannot. And yes we are together not officially dateing yet but we are together. the picture at the very top of this blog is a picture of me and her at food lion you cant see it but we wrote hearts and our names in the frost of the ice cream doors there. shes also a witness like everyone in the band

Tucker Moore
Position: Lead clean and screming vocals and rythm/lead guitarist
Age: 16
Hello this is me the co founder of raisng a dirge and yes we are R.A.D ;) it may look like im doing everything in the band as the lead vocalist and scream artist and guitarist but you see my girl is still a beginner and metal is hard to play so she will be playing what i cant while im screaming and singing. but once we find a good enough guitarist we shall add him and possible keep alyssa and then i wont have to play guitar or she may leave the band and i wont have to play alllll the rifts which will be awesome!!!!

3006 veiws...meh not to interested right now im kinda proud but i dont care lol
more videos to  post sooonnnn!!!!!

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