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Friday, August 3, 2012


ok so im posting these videos to show you guys what two songs me and my new band shall be covering. do not hate on the metal song!!!

Raising A Dirge (otherwise known as R.A.D)

Where the name came from: Well I was doing bible reading and i came across Jeremiah 9:18 "let them quickly raise a dirge over us, so that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids flow with water."
What the band name means: Well as soon as i read the scripture i looked up what dirge meant and it means "a funeral song" so i thought immediatly it would be R.A.D so either way call us rad or raising a dirge
What music we shall be playing: we shall be playing mostly metal and acoustic! we have one song already down on guitar and drums and we just need an electronic dj to help us we want to start the song off with some light acoustic guitar then it all goes dark no sound and all you hear is the new banes voice from rise of the dark knight saying "I will break you" and then you hear the drop (dubstep) and hear a bloody curdeling scream as we go into some heavy rifts.

Band members and what they do:

Seth Mcloud
Age: 17
Position: Bassist/ Back up clean vocals
Seth is a great friend of mine and is a witness and co starter of the band.He is alot like me we dress scene/emo but we r also big surfer guys or a little preppy

 Justin Vanderburg
Position: Drummer
Age: 21
Justin is a good buddy of mine tho i call him bane and he calls me batman why? well when we first met we did the voices perfect i do batman and he does bane and he looks the size of bane (tom hardy) and ive got the body of christian bales batman so at sometime we are going to dress up and go at it and video the fight..he is also a witness
Alyssa Chevalier
Age: 17
Position: short term guitarist and gorupie (my groupie)
Alyssa is a somewhat good guitar player i beleive i can get her to play certain things i cannot. And yes we are together not officially dateing yet but we are together. the picture at the very top of this blog is a picture of me and her at food lion you cant see it but we wrote hearts and our names in the frost of the ice cream doors there. shes also a witness like everyone in the band

Tucker Moore
Position: Lead clean and screming vocals and rythm/lead guitarist
Age: 16
Hello this is me the co founder of raisng a dirge and yes we are R.A.D ;) it may look like im doing everything in the band as the lead vocalist and scream artist and guitarist but you see my girl is still a beginner and metal is hard to play so she will be playing what i cant while im screaming and singing. but once we find a good enough guitarist we shall add him and possible keep alyssa and then i wont have to play guitar or she may leave the band and i wont have to play alllll the rifts which will be awesome!!!!

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