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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I will:..... to whom ever

i will:
-love u forever till my last breath
 -make up for everything i have done wrong to you
 -and be with u even after death
-and cry with u
-kiss u when u need it
-die for u
- hold u when ur alone
-and be in ur heart when im gone
-tell u i love u
-say ur beautifull even tho you are dripping with sweat and mucus and tears and make up in sweats
-cuddle even tho your sick as dog and risking getting ur illness
-fullfill your wildest dreams
-give you everything but I can't cause i dont have possession over you
-be the one you want to go to when you have a problem
-give you my world but I dont have one if your not in here
-be there when your mad and never leave
-give you my shoulder when you are in greave
-always be...just be
-always there
-always right or wrong without argue
-always be strong when ur weak and weak when ur strong
-always apoligize even when im right
.......WHY? cause you mean something to me!

P.S. I hate cuddling!

Friday, June 17, 2011

ok here goes nothing

Ok here goes nothing....literally i have nothing to write about except for the part that By sunday after like...uummmmm.....7? I will be able to write a new post.. yes it will be another movie reveiw :)) i feel like i will cry during this one but i also have a feeling it will be a bad movie reveiw as well.im still in love. And its more thasn physical its more of spirittually we both want to go to gilead and have no kids..thank god......now for the ultimate test! TIME!!! And right now besides tht there is aalloottt of drama in my life with my freinds. ugh.. why can i just not relax for once? oh well i also got my workers permit..apparently u need one for everyjob u have but its really easy to get one u just look it up and u fill it out on the internet and print it out......well until later ill see u gals and guys soon!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fast and Furious

Well i watched fast and furious last night and i give it->Because it is actually one of the series that is one track/story line.I love the action scenes. In this one the action scenes and the driving scenes are actually possible.....Except one which is in the begining were they r on a job and Dom is driving around 70 mph and does a 180 and keeps going but backwards which is almost impossible in real life because the transmission would break and the engine would combust or burn out. But I have seen it done..twice as a matter of fact..One way is with two engines for the front tires and the back ones.The other way is tht u modify an advanced motorcycle engine which can go just as fast forward as backwards.But it only has two very little sex scenes so i most let u know tht it is not verrryyy inappropriate but i recommend it for 10 yrs of age and up.


Ok so I have found out tht i no longer need to be on facebook like i am (which is all the time). Because on my droid i have a gmail account brockbrasil@gmail.com  if u want to talk to me email me. i also have an app for blogger which will be pretty useful...BUT the screen is small so it might be a pain in the butt.But anyway i found out tht my freinds bob and joy want the eckels back in june? or july? idk but it will be awesome maybe i will get to beat my bestest friend at a game of speed again :P. http://bookworm1996-megansbookblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/update-and-more-personal-problems-you.html .well besides tht maybe we will get along better like we did at the last party when we were playing cards. And besides that i got to see my extremely best freind sunday at my meeting. well besides that im going to post two more posts and then ill be making another page made just for my book and movie reveiws.----> http://embermuir.blogspot.com/

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So far + Pirates reveiw

Well so far my life away from home is awesome at home not so much. I went to go watch the pirates of the carribean 4. It was pretty cool. Iwatched Kung foo panda 2 previously in the week and i didnt get to really watch it cause i had someone on my mind.But by the time i got to watch the pirates movie i was better and had her settled down on my mind. But i think i could make a good movie critic.Well anyway if u havent seen it dont read the rest.Well anyway id give the movie a 3 out of 5 cause it did have a lot of bloopers and didnt have Orlando Bloom in it (im not gay) it kinda reminded me of the fast and furious series....ugh.well anyway again I liked tht captain Jack Sparrow (johnny depp) finally works together with Barbosa.Quite funny.But  you do get into more of Sparrows history and his trickery. Anyway i reccomend it to anyone who does like the movies it did get alot less demonic and for those who arent like me. haha


Happy happy happy.....hahaha so anyways its been a looonnggg time since ive posted something on here. So anyway I've been a vegan for almost half a year hurray!!! And I've been in a relationship for who knows how long, no seriously how long? Well im really happy all the darkness ive been going through is gone. But problems still remain.UGGGHHHH!!! haha i finally found out what love REALLY is.. I found out by spending time with my bestest freinds bob and joy alexander and i guess thts what ill write about next.

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