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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I will:..... to whom ever

i will:
-love u forever till my last breath
 -make up for everything i have done wrong to you
 -and be with u even after death
-and cry with u
-kiss u when u need it
-die for u
- hold u when ur alone
-and be in ur heart when im gone
-tell u i love u
-say ur beautifull even tho you are dripping with sweat and mucus and tears and make up in sweats
-cuddle even tho your sick as dog and risking getting ur illness
-fullfill your wildest dreams
-give you everything but I can't cause i dont have possession over you
-be the one you want to go to when you have a problem
-give you my world but I dont have one if your not in here
-be there when your mad and never leave
-give you my shoulder when you are in greave
-always be...just be
-always there
-always right or wrong without argue
-always be strong when ur weak and weak when ur strong
-always apoligize even when im right
.......WHY? cause you mean something to me!

P.S. I hate cuddling!

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