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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ok so I have found out tht i no longer need to be on facebook like i am (which is all the time). Because on my droid i have a gmail account brockbrasil@gmail.com  if u want to talk to me email me. i also have an app for blogger which will be pretty useful...BUT the screen is small so it might be a pain in the butt.But anyway i found out tht my freinds bob and joy want the eckels back in june? or july? idk but it will be awesome maybe i will get to beat my bestest friend at a game of speed again :P. http://bookworm1996-megansbookblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/update-and-more-personal-problems-you.html .well besides tht maybe we will get along better like we did at the last party when we were playing cards. And besides that i got to see my extremely best freind sunday at my meeting. well besides that im going to post two more posts and then ill be making another page made just for my book and movie reveiws.----> http://embermuir.blogspot.com/

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