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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fast and Furious

Well i watched fast and furious last night and i give it->Because it is actually one of the series that is one track/story line.I love the action scenes. In this one the action scenes and the driving scenes are actually possible.....Except one which is in the begining were they r on a job and Dom is driving around 70 mph and does a 180 and keeps going but backwards which is almost impossible in real life because the transmission would break and the engine would combust or burn out. But I have seen it done..twice as a matter of fact..One way is with two engines for the front tires and the back ones.The other way is tht u modify an advanced motorcycle engine which can go just as fast forward as backwards.But it only has two very little sex scenes so i most let u know tht it is not verrryyy inappropriate but i recommend it for 10 yrs of age and up.

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