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Friday, June 17, 2011

ok here goes nothing

Ok here goes nothing....literally i have nothing to write about except for the part that By sunday after like...uummmmm.....7? I will be able to write a new post.. yes it will be another movie reveiw :)) i feel like i will cry during this one but i also have a feeling it will be a bad movie reveiw as well.im still in love. And its more thasn physical its more of spirittually we both want to go to gilead and have no kids..thank god......now for the ultimate test! TIME!!! And right now besides tht there is aalloottt of drama in my life with my freinds. ugh.. why can i just not relax for once? oh well i also got my workers permit..apparently u need one for everyjob u have but its really easy to get one u just look it up and u fill it out on the internet and print it out......well until later ill see u gals and guys soon!!

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