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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Biltmore and...more hehe

     Ok so as you can see I went to the biltmore house.I love that place we got there and I slept in front of the house for 10 or so minutes. I have alot of trees in which i love there pictures #7,8,9,11,12 tree is my fav. I have a tree or I want to have a tree for all my closest friends. The arm in the one Picture of the wysteria vine/tree is a new friend from new hampshire that may move down here with his wife Lauren she is the girl in teal in one of the pictures. I love them so muches!!!!!!! I got to spend a whole week away from home with the eberlys and watch chickies hatch and named one T.J for tucker junior cause he kept jumping around everywhere and tried to attack the cat trouble and the cat tried to attack T.J. and I had to kick the cat. And T.J. loved me...I can't wait to move in with the eberlys! <3  the tree in the very last 2 pictures is my big friend tree which belongs to allll my friends. The coffee is from signature bre, rasberry chocolate frappe DELICUOS!!!!!! and the paints are inside the biltmore...yes yes I did take a picture inside the biltmore house.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New and unused

     Well! isn't this wonderful! you see I have been taking pictures of things like food from my favorite city lights cafe and coffee designs at signature brew and wouldn't you know it the owner of signature brew wants me to write and blog about his place at least once a week and take pictures and if i keep that up I will get one free large latte mocha or large black coffee with three ginger chews. Now I will have to do them not only on my blogger which I now have over *goes and looks a views on page* um 3,547 views which was generated very recently like in three months span and less. But he wants me to do it on my tumblr as well which I started to post my old poems from here and my video breakdown and I have like at least a 100 views and 48 likes and follows. And my best friend megan eberly wants me to sponsor her jewelry from her etsy. And I have people come up to me at book stores and one time rock  climbing and telling me about how hilarious or dark or intriguing my blogs are which is great to know.

     Speaking of megan me and her have the EXACT same opinion of the hunger games. Which happens to be we DO NOT like it because of all the hype about it BUT!!!!! Get this because one I have gotten so many views on my blogger and i know the owners of our local movie theater I not only get to but HAVE to go see the hunger games on opening night or earlier that day when the workers see it. I would much rather see it on opening because then I will get to see peoples reactions and interview a few people on the theater stuff like how the workers are and how clean it was and audio and video quality. So yeah I think I'm doing pretty good hahaha I never thought i would get so much activity on my blogger and stuff! I would just like to say thank you to my loyal friends across the big sea because I get at least 100 views a month from you guys which I find hilarious because my "friends" that have a blogger and what not over here could pay less attention to my little pitiful blogger but ya know apparently I'm not the one doing anything wrong you guys are because well I am getting free stuff and getting sponsored so HA!

  Ok, so now its time for some updates on the latest book I read which was Beautiful Chaos the third and final book to the beautiful creatures collection I loved these books so much but with some recent "relationship" issues I have been through well it reminded me so much of the person I love I cried all day when I read it. I do not know how many pages it is but I will be sure to tell you when i return to my house. So I have to give this book 4 and a half stars from a writers view. From a follower and lover of these books and deep fan I would give it a crappy 1 star mixed with a great. Let me explain the ending seemed to end wellll to quick and you don't see it coming it is very upsetting. But it was great writing and you don't see it coming and then BAM! it ends so it was a great book but if you waited two years for these books to come out and it brought you a lot of your only happiness it can be very irritating.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New lyrics? I think so!

      So I have been cleaning out my room and have found some interesting things. For instance a song i wrote a year or so ago!

Love is for fools
Fools often love

Crying about a fallin dove

Romance is for the weak
Weak minded fools

But it doesn't matter now
Cause when we love
We take that love
From our hearts
To the deep gates of Gehenna 

Cause love is for fools
And weak minded tools

It doesn't make you cool
To drop outta school
Sittin in the gutter 
Thinkin about where you've been

See the rain drops fallin
Falling every now and again

Thats what love does
He'll say he's your friend
Right to the end....

Of your heart breaking

Friday, February 17, 2012

punkster wolf

ok well the title is a lie....MUWAHAHAHA you just got trolled!!!!

     Let me say a few things I would like to write about. One what is this new trolled thingy? And things that are making me more of a hipster but I do it in a punk way.

     Ok so there is this new thing or wel, its not new but its inda..well umm derp! Uh anyway trolling someone basically is pranking them but with wits as in you see a ad on the net for free money! You click it and what do you find? Thats right it brings you to a little website for dieting and it has this weird little face and it will say "you just got trolled"...Well im kinda in love with this trolling thing. Tho not a whole lot of people know what it is.

     Ok so I have been seeing things that are new or popular and regardless of how they are or how amazing they may seem im straying away from them just because of that reason, for instence the hunger games....OMG! do not get me started I hate that flipping book and everything with a PASSION!!!! It will be just like the twilight crap. So people are starting to call me a hip[ster yet they ook at the way i dress; mohawk baggy pants or shorts and tight shirt usually dark and think im a punk but get this!!!! When I dislike something like the damned hunger games  i do it like a rebel and and stand up for my beliefs which happen to be if the world loves it so much then why do they need me to love it? HMMM???? My point proven. My mom tho is in love with the books, I schooled her about when I went to cliff notes and looked up the book and still hated it but knew more about it than her, i forget everything after a good nights rest...So she's making me go see it. My view point is if i dont have to pay or a bunch of my friends are going and I ACTUALLY get invited (which never happens) then yeah I'll go why? Because im a social butterfly that needs to have fun even if its something i hate.........any who

     SO! I got the lead in a musical and wouldn't you know it a few days to go and i get sick!!! son of a troll. Anyway its a really cool show even tho my voice my crack or we might have to cut my singing scenes off completely cause my throat is going haywire...one of my friends from musical theater invented this new thing that we call the "THE MAN THUD!". what happened was one day we high five'd and just the way we hit it made a thud instead of a clap. And we were made fun of for the lame clap and we bull crapped our way thru the insults by me saying "we are just so manly we dont clap" John (my friend) said "YEAH!!! its called a man" me "THUD!" so we've been doing it for a few weeks now and its still just as hilarious!.

Friday, February 10, 2012

hmmm. Just read it..or not

     Again I would love to say to mr.blogger....FIX THE DANG TAB THINGY!!!!!!!.....Ok so I woke up started to read a little bit of a book and got a somewhat great idea to write about...


Who is to decide that one is such?

     Evil is such a, big word. One that we don't use alot, amatter a fact the only person that I have ever seen say it so much is Mermaid man from spongebob square pants the television show. But where was the word originated from? Who is to decide whether ones' self is really evil or not? 

     Evil. From the research I have done on the words origins it is one: From the bible. And two: from the old english word yfel.

     NOW!!!! To the interesteing part. Who is to decide if one thing, or person is evil or not? I love the writings or Robert Louis Stevenson. He brings out that we have both goodAND evil in us and it is a constant battle between good. And evil. How we are raised has alot to do with if we are profiled as an evil doer or not.....I noticed the keyword in that last sentence was 'PROFILED'. To be profiled we there must be a profiler. And thats the tricky part. ( Tho I am one of Jehovahs witnesses I am taking the veiw point of saaayyy...a person without a religion) You see who is to decide that one person is good enough to tell if another person is evil or not? HMMM? In my opinion there isn't. But it happens anyway. You see psychology is a wonderous but yet cruel deed to the world. It helps us in not only everyday life but I am POSITIVE that the person who orginated and/or wrote books about it has to be or become completely insane!!!!! 

     Now take my veiwpoint from above and expand your minds  young ones.........You see I do love to think tho I do it quietly and rarely voice my opinion on serious matters....Why? BECAUSE IIII am one to get up and do things. Expereince life! To have fun but yet still look at my MORAL standards and see whether or not im good or bad. In my opinion the final out come is no one is completely evil or good. They have both and tho they may be doing bad, they see it as good. But I know there is one true god (Psalms 83:18) and he is my profiler.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well! my life is better! i am now down to 60 freinds on facebook! and ya know what!!??? XD I am going to shun every no good drama king and queen or person that hasnt tken much interest in me away! I am tired of haveing to do shit so people will want to talk ya mnow im just tired of it all. Tired of always trying to put others first and do the right thing. Its time i focus on me. and ya know what i have been for the past few days and tho ive been crying alot im happy. I really have callused my mind callused my heart and everything. its just me and jehovah no freinds no family nothing im over alll of that. I figured out that i can be happy for a very long time if i love everything anf dnot care what anyone else thinks amnd just do gods will. So if you have something to say screw you! im doing whats right not only for me but jehovah. GOOD BYE!

Just stoof

     Ok first off I'd like to say that I hate that blogger won't let me use my tab button. >:( Well I just got a new book. Beautiful chaos sounds like something I'd read. Well started reading it and the second and third chapter the dialoge and what the guy and girl are thinking about made me cry it reminded me so much of stuff. Anyway thats all I have.

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