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Friday, February 10, 2012

hmmm. Just read it..or not

     Again I would love to say to mr.blogger....FIX THE DANG TAB THINGY!!!!!!!.....Ok so I woke up started to read a little bit of a book and got a somewhat great idea to write about...


Who is to decide that one is such?

     Evil is such a, big word. One that we don't use alot, amatter a fact the only person that I have ever seen say it so much is Mermaid man from spongebob square pants the television show. But where was the word originated from? Who is to decide whether ones' self is really evil or not? 

     Evil. From the research I have done on the words origins it is one: From the bible. And two: from the old english word yfel.

     NOW!!!! To the interesteing part. Who is to decide if one thing, or person is evil or not? I love the writings or Robert Louis Stevenson. He brings out that we have both goodAND evil in us and it is a constant battle between good. And evil. How we are raised has alot to do with if we are profiled as an evil doer or not.....I noticed the keyword in that last sentence was 'PROFILED'. To be profiled we there must be a profiler. And thats the tricky part. ( Tho I am one of Jehovahs witnesses I am taking the veiw point of saaayyy...a person without a religion) You see who is to decide that one person is good enough to tell if another person is evil or not? HMMM? In my opinion there isn't. But it happens anyway. You see psychology is a wonderous but yet cruel deed to the world. It helps us in not only everyday life but I am POSITIVE that the person who orginated and/or wrote books about it has to be or become completely insane!!!!! 

     Now take my veiwpoint from above and expand your minds  young ones.........You see I do love to think tho I do it quietly and rarely voice my opinion on serious matters....Why? BECAUSE IIII am one to get up and do things. Expereince life! To have fun but yet still look at my MORAL standards and see whether or not im good or bad. In my opinion the final out come is no one is completely evil or good. They have both and tho they may be doing bad, they see it as good. But I know there is one true god (Psalms 83:18) and he is my profiler.

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