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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Biltmore and...more hehe

     Ok so as you can see I went to the biltmore house.I love that place we got there and I slept in front of the house for 10 or so minutes. I have alot of trees in which i love there pictures #7,8,9,11,12 tree is my fav. I have a tree or I want to have a tree for all my closest friends. The arm in the one Picture of the wysteria vine/tree is a new friend from new hampshire that may move down here with his wife Lauren she is the girl in teal in one of the pictures. I love them so muches!!!!!!! I got to spend a whole week away from home with the eberlys and watch chickies hatch and named one T.J for tucker junior cause he kept jumping around everywhere and tried to attack the cat trouble and the cat tried to attack T.J. and I had to kick the cat. And T.J. loved me...I can't wait to move in with the eberlys! <3  the tree in the very last 2 pictures is my big friend tree which belongs to allll my friends. The coffee is from signature bre, rasberry chocolate frappe DELICUOS!!!!!! and the paints are inside the biltmore...yes yes I did take a picture inside the biltmore house.

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