Warung Bebas

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well! my life is better! i am now down to 60 freinds on facebook! and ya know what!!??? XD I am going to shun every no good drama king and queen or person that hasnt tken much interest in me away! I am tired of haveing to do shit so people will want to talk ya mnow im just tired of it all. Tired of always trying to put others first and do the right thing. Its time i focus on me. and ya know what i have been for the past few days and tho ive been crying alot im happy. I really have callused my mind callused my heart and everything. its just me and jehovah no freinds no family nothing im over alll of that. I figured out that i can be happy for a very long time if i love everything anf dnot care what anyone else thinks amnd just do gods will. So if you have something to say screw you! im doing whats right not only for me but jehovah. GOOD BYE!

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