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Friday, February 17, 2012

punkster wolf

ok well the title is a lie....MUWAHAHAHA you just got trolled!!!!

     Let me say a few things I would like to write about. One what is this new trolled thingy? And things that are making me more of a hipster but I do it in a punk way.

     Ok so there is this new thing or wel, its not new but its inda..well umm derp! Uh anyway trolling someone basically is pranking them but with wits as in you see a ad on the net for free money! You click it and what do you find? Thats right it brings you to a little website for dieting and it has this weird little face and it will say "you just got trolled"...Well im kinda in love with this trolling thing. Tho not a whole lot of people know what it is.

     Ok so I have been seeing things that are new or popular and regardless of how they are or how amazing they may seem im straying away from them just because of that reason, for instence the hunger games....OMG! do not get me started I hate that flipping book and everything with a PASSION!!!! It will be just like the twilight crap. So people are starting to call me a hip[ster yet they ook at the way i dress; mohawk baggy pants or shorts and tight shirt usually dark and think im a punk but get this!!!! When I dislike something like the damned hunger games  i do it like a rebel and and stand up for my beliefs which happen to be if the world loves it so much then why do they need me to love it? HMMM???? My point proven. My mom tho is in love with the books, I schooled her about when I went to cliff notes and looked up the book and still hated it but knew more about it than her, i forget everything after a good nights rest...So she's making me go see it. My view point is if i dont have to pay or a bunch of my friends are going and I ACTUALLY get invited (which never happens) then yeah I'll go why? Because im a social butterfly that needs to have fun even if its something i hate.........any who

     SO! I got the lead in a musical and wouldn't you know it a few days to go and i get sick!!! son of a troll. Anyway its a really cool show even tho my voice my crack or we might have to cut my singing scenes off completely cause my throat is going haywire...one of my friends from musical theater invented this new thing that we call the "THE MAN THUD!". what happened was one day we high five'd and just the way we hit it made a thud instead of a clap. And we were made fun of for the lame clap and we bull crapped our way thru the insults by me saying "we are just so manly we dont clap" John (my friend) said "YEAH!!! its called a man" me "THUD!" so we've been doing it for a few weeks now and its still just as hilarious!.

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