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Friday, October 28, 2011

wow!!! (not world of warcraft)

OK so first off. I got 24 page veiws yester day... thats about a little more than a third of what i got last month! And a 14th of what ive gotten totall. But i have 50 posts and about 6.8 veiws per page. Anyway Ive been really happy lately. I think one of the main reasons is Becasue ive been listening to happy music again. Like one of my favs the kooks! And i found an amazing song tho i dont like to sing it i love palyiong it and singing the chorus. ITs do the panic by phantom planet. And 2 I found my best bro finally thats in the truth and isnt like oh everything is wrong. His name is zachary Brown and hes cool man! 3 because i got two amazing people in my life and they always cheer me up ^_^ kaila and megan! I love you too! sooo much. I cant wait to hang out with zacharay again last time we played games all night and at one point i started beat boxing WHICH I NEEEVVVEEERRR DO! and then zach started to rap and even tho it lasted like only 2 minutes it is a highlight of my LIFE!. I finally got over my writers block for guitar playing. I have wrote at least two songs in the past week or two. the first is to kaila keys named I'll knit you a Sweater. It doesnt have lyrics but maybe she will come up with some i wishh someone else would ask me to write them song cause i really dont have any inspiration. And the other one i havent really named its just a blues progression and i love it. i came up with it out of now where. I think the best songs made r the ones that hit u and not the one u try to make. im getting my haircut today so i hope ill look good.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Misconceptual Musical Mondays

Ok first off Id like to respond to my freinds post about audio books. I like them actually as long as I can have the book with me too incase i miss a few words. But I usually cant afford any audio books so therefore i read hardcopys. Ok now back to the topic of this post. Ok one thing i love to do is read a book while listening to my music. Now most people who I tell this to ask me if I ever get anything out of the book That I read. YES! Yes I do. I may not be smart but I know how to do the two things i really love alot at the same time. Now only if i can sing and play guitar at the same time.

1. What do u like to do while listening to music?
                I like to read or play basketball.

2. What was the last song you downloaded or bought?
                         Talk shows on mute ^_^ by Incubus

3.What was the last song u reccomended to a freind or a freind reccomened to you?
                                Talk shows on mute by Incubus!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

On top of the world!!!

Ok well this week has been absolutely amazing!!!!! I have a new best freind and i can tell we will stay that way for a long time!!! Ive never really could decide what to do when i turn 18... Now I do! i want to go and move and split rent with a freind in franklin or otto. then once i feel good move to asheville!!! Ok so wednesday was awesome i got a box full of stuff from my freind kaila. And i have to burn one thing in it but eh its cool. And im going to be giving away my disco ball!!! and then that wednesday i got to roller skate again for the first time in 5 years. i was horrible, and I grew like a foot so that didnt help. And i traded my black hair tie for my best friends brown one. Ok yes i have short hair but heres some reasons why i wear a hair tie on my wrist: 1.Incase someone actually needs one to use. 2.I think it looks cool. 3.I like wearing it. 4.I like having it there incase I get bored and need something to play with haha. 5.idk i just like it so deal!!! Ok well megna got a picture of me with a girly clip in my hair and two itty bitty pony tails. I might try and get it off her computer the 5th when i get to take my best freind over to see my favorite family! And last night was another great day! and NIGHT! AND MORNING!!!! hahaha me and zachary went over to the keys and got to play football but my favorite part was just staying in kailas room with the lights off when it was nice and mellow and then giving megan a massage and playing guitar! Almost had to put kaila on a leash for a minute cause zach kept hitting her with the darts from a dart gun. good thing i still know how to do a triangle choke with my legs.....i didnt get her around the neck just her leg hahah still nworked considering im 100 pounds more than kit kat (my nickname for kaila). And me and zack stayed up till 3 playing video games.I got a 100 singing so what chya want on expert!!!! And then we played monopoly. Cant wait till next wednseday...and that week will be amazing as well... I LOVE ALL U GIRLS AND MY BRO ZACH!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

There is nothing like it (the series) #1 FEAR

There is nothing like seeing the fear in a opponents eyes. Whether it be in sports or just everyday life or the calm before the storm of  a fight. But better than that is to see the pure black pool of evil in a persons eyes and knowing just knowing you are about to take him down. No knowing you have the ability to take them down. But better than THAT is being able to see the fear in a runts eyes and see the darkness in the bigger alpha dogs eyes and being able to step into make a difference. Then there's nothing better than to be able to walk and have a path made for u just by the fear others have towards u.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


For a grown man cry at the sight of his young boy accomplishing his dreams

For a husband to comfort his wife no matter how bad life seems

For a mother to love her young in her darkest hour

For a child to rejoice over creating such a simple block tower

For two loved ones ability to sing a symphony with one look

For all the tears and laughter and heart warming adventures in one book

For two people in love to have that one moment of peace where all the pain and stress goes away and all that love is at bay

For the children who see the laughter in the simplest thing and the child who can be occupied with just a string

For all the beautiful things that were giving us. Whether it be a moment, or a scene, or a giggle, or laughter, or tears of joy, or the smile of one who never smiles, or anything that can come to mind. I thank thee jah for all that I appreciate, my friends, my music, my books, ur wildlife, ur forests, ur sunsets, ur flowers and trees and the infinite other things I thank thee. But one thing I thank u for the most.  For you are the god of it. I will never be able to.give as much as u do. But I want to thank thee for it love. Urs. There's. And mine. LOVE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing left to say

Ok well im tired of always being depressed and what not so im out playing basketball and golf. Once it warms up again im going to start back skateboarding which I haven't done in three years. I might quit clogging cause of reasons id rather not go into. Im officially 155 pounds. I lost 25 pounds but I still dint have a six pack. Im looking to buy a tremolo bar for my strat and maybe a new pick guard.this Thursday after service ill be playing with a new band. Hopefully ill get the part. And besides all that I get to go to the biltmore house with some friends. And I found a knot im my arm at the top muscle and I don't know how I got it its been two fays and itsstill there.  Mom wants me to go to the doctor but meh who cares anyway. Haha she's was like what if u die because of that? I was like good then it'll put me out mine and everyone elses misery I laughed she didn't.so anyway im off of here cya peace!

Friday, October 7, 2011

ways to lose weight

1. Eating breakfast is a very important step. You actually gain weight when you dont eat breakfast.
2. If your going to pick a specific diet make sure dont cheat yourself and stick to it. Studies have shown that to make something a habit u have to do it for 10 consecutive days and the chain is broke if u dont follow it for three days in a row.
3. Choosing a plan is hard. the things u need to keep into careful consideration is:
  • what your weight is now and what you want it to be
  • your environment. you may think this is stupid but if your plan includes physical activity then u need to know your surroundings
  • Physical activity. is not mandotory. BUT!! If u do have physical activity then you need to know your limits! no pain no gain is wrong it should be no burn no gain if your muscles or bones hurt then stop and go see a doctor..(burning and hurting is two different things burning can sometimes hurt but stop being a pansy and suck it up..no offense)
  • Your schedule. your plan will rely alot upon your schedule and you may find the "perfect" diet plan but if iit doesnt fit in with your schedule then it goes horribly wrong.
4. At the start of your program you may not lose weight right off....dont feel down. give it some time to work like maybe a week or two.
5. Dont starve yourself! I've seen too many people get too sick because they never eat.
6. If you have a set time to eat.but your not hungry, DONT EAT!!! Doctors have proven that when you eat when your not hungry is bad for you. you should skip this meal even if its breakfast.
7. Have confidence! No matter how big you may be you need to have the ability to look in the mirror and say."danggg i am one fine peice of work! and if you dont like me the way i am then i dont need u!"
8. If at the end of your program you havent reached your goal weight then you clearly need to move the end date of the program ahead..BUT if you havent made any progress since day one then you need a new program.
9. No matter what your program or plan is, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Preferably water and teas (not sweet or unsweet tea)
10.Last off. dont wear make up it actually makes you gain weight. And no matter what the end result is, you did great beacues you tried and you know now that you have the abilitty to try again!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nothing new....or is there?

Ok well first off i got my mandolin back from this place called guitar stop..i officially hate it. The owner thinks he knows it all. And i don't care if he DID know it all you still should have some manners and treat others with respect. I know someone who i wouldn't be surprised if e did know it all.. bob alexander and why I think that is cause he is always quiet and respectful and well has soooo much knowledge and wisedom and has alot of patience. And bob is my role model! Ok well i got my mandolin back and of course i get critisised by my family. And i was givin a family heirloom that belonged to my great uncle. Its a dobro slide guitar and has a resinator in it. You see my grandmaw and her brothers were in a band and even recorded in johnny cashs' studio. But anyway when i got it it smelled of mold and had stains all over but i fixed it up and all i need now is to find some heavy guitar strings. Well anyway its been a good and sickening weekend all together. And I've found my wonder twin and my sis is sick but i know shes going to get better cause i told her she would and by god when i say somethings going to happen it will.i just wish i could go visit her and yeah i don't care about germs viruses and diseases...y? Because germs viruses and diseases are scared of me and run like heck. Heck id even kiss her if it meant transfering that sickness to me. But alas i can't so for know we all haw to just put up with our problems.


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