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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Misconceptual Musical Mondays

Ok first off Id like to respond to my freinds post about audio books. I like them actually as long as I can have the book with me too incase i miss a few words. But I usually cant afford any audio books so therefore i read hardcopys. Ok now back to the topic of this post. Ok one thing i love to do is read a book while listening to my music. Now most people who I tell this to ask me if I ever get anything out of the book That I read. YES! Yes I do. I may not be smart but I know how to do the two things i really love alot at the same time. Now only if i can sing and play guitar at the same time.

1. What do u like to do while listening to music?
                I like to read or play basketball.

2. What was the last song you downloaded or bought?
                         Talk shows on mute ^_^ by Incubus

3.What was the last song u reccomended to a freind or a freind reccomened to you?
                                Talk shows on mute by Incubus!!!!!

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