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Monday, October 3, 2011

Nothing new....or is there?

Ok well first off i got my mandolin back from this place called guitar stop..i officially hate it. The owner thinks he knows it all. And i don't care if he DID know it all you still should have some manners and treat others with respect. I know someone who i wouldn't be surprised if e did know it all.. bob alexander and why I think that is cause he is always quiet and respectful and well has soooo much knowledge and wisedom and has alot of patience. And bob is my role model! Ok well i got my mandolin back and of course i get critisised by my family. And i was givin a family heirloom that belonged to my great uncle. Its a dobro slide guitar and has a resinator in it. You see my grandmaw and her brothers were in a band and even recorded in johnny cashs' studio. But anyway when i got it it smelled of mold and had stains all over but i fixed it up and all i need now is to find some heavy guitar strings. Well anyway its been a good and sickening weekend all together. And I've found my wonder twin and my sis is sick but i know shes going to get better cause i told her she would and by god when i say somethings going to happen it will.i just wish i could go visit her and yeah i don't care about germs viruses and diseases...y? Because germs viruses and diseases are scared of me and run like heck. Heck id even kiss her if it meant transfering that sickness to me. But alas i can't so for know we all haw to just put up with our problems.

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