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Friday, October 28, 2011

wow!!! (not world of warcraft)

OK so first off. I got 24 page veiws yester day... thats about a little more than a third of what i got last month! And a 14th of what ive gotten totall. But i have 50 posts and about 6.8 veiws per page. Anyway Ive been really happy lately. I think one of the main reasons is Becasue ive been listening to happy music again. Like one of my favs the kooks! And i found an amazing song tho i dont like to sing it i love palyiong it and singing the chorus. ITs do the panic by phantom planet. And 2 I found my best bro finally thats in the truth and isnt like oh everything is wrong. His name is zachary Brown and hes cool man! 3 because i got two amazing people in my life and they always cheer me up ^_^ kaila and megan! I love you too! sooo much. I cant wait to hang out with zacharay again last time we played games all night and at one point i started beat boxing WHICH I NEEEVVVEEERRR DO! and then zach started to rap and even tho it lasted like only 2 minutes it is a highlight of my LIFE!. I finally got over my writers block for guitar playing. I have wrote at least two songs in the past week or two. the first is to kaila keys named I'll knit you a Sweater. It doesnt have lyrics but maybe she will come up with some i wishh someone else would ask me to write them song cause i really dont have any inspiration. And the other one i havent really named its just a blues progression and i love it. i came up with it out of now where. I think the best songs made r the ones that hit u and not the one u try to make. im getting my haircut today so i hope ill look good.

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