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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ok well ive got a week till auditions for a band....im so freaking nervous ive NEVER been this nervous!!! I've known the drummer for coming up two years now and she has a dry sense of humor and is really short and fun to aggravate :) . And i have some awesome freinds. I started listening to one of my favorite bands cause i hadnt in like years they are the kooks and they are british. SO at work i made a the kooks statoin and all these other bands like the strokes and artic monkey popped up and next thing ya know im in love with all these new bands (new to me) so of course I go and talk to my best freind kaila. She has heard of everything! And loves it all. SO i cant wait to be in some sort of band either it be just me, or me and kaila which id like cause she has an amazing voice and i love angus and julia stone (i dont know if they r married or brother and sister) and me and kaila would play like them, or with lorna lee and her brother and sister and Samual hurst. Either way being in a band is awesome no matter how bad yall suck. Ive been in a bad band and a ok band both were really fun. SO anywho ive been playing guitar now for sayyyyy 7 months maybe? and I have never needed a capo until now! so i posted it up there! cause i still dont have this thing figured out. I needed this capo for the song same mistake by james blunt. OH!!! i almost forgot i finally figured out how to play the solo of crazy train or any song that requires useing ur playing hand to tap the strings. Im so proud of myself. I went to my friends house and got my toenails painted (i was held down by strong manly women!) and then was forced to wear guy linear,,, i actually looked hot with the guy linear hahaha.  And at a party before that i over heard two of my freinds talking about how they like me better than my nemesis GIO!!! BHA BHA BHA!!! hahaha idk y he despises me all i ever want and still want is peace unless he starts a fight then ill mess his world up! And i may get to pretty soon and get away with it! Ya see I am getting invited to play football with his congregation and the only competitoin i really see is little john man would i love to take give a reall good lick (tackle or hit) to him. Footballs rough! haha oh well peace! LOVE AND BE LOVED!!! see ya again soon. maybe

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