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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Really upset

Ok as the title says im really upset and I can't talk to anyone about it because all the people I talk to are on facebook. And my mom is starting to check everything and tho I have nothing to hide very little things will make her freak out.  And recently as in a last week my mom was reproved from the kingdom hall. Eh.  I saw it coming. And anyway my mom seems to have it out for all my friends that are girls. But anyway back to the matter at hand. Why im scared is my mom came to me and said I have an elders meeting so Anywho I asked what for and she said in an angry tone Idk (a bullshit lie) something about the franklin hall calling over here about you. So not only does my mom think I only go over franklin to get a girl friend but so does everyone else. And it really pisses me off. And so at our meeting last night I asked the two elders im suppose to have this meeting with and they told me that it's just a check up from when I was reproved. So I went up to my mom and said oh mom they said it was justa check up and in front of god and everyone she got up in my face not only angry but with an attitude!  And says oh its alot more than that. So either my mom well never mind that's a given. But apparently either the elders lied or twisted the truth of some sort to me or are telling the truth. And to be honest I haven't done anything wrong! Which hurts me even worse. Sometimes like times like these I just want cut off all connection with my friends because when im not causing problems for them im getting in trouble. I mean who would really care if I did anyway? Im in facebook way too much. Im sorry but do u know what its like to be in the world leading a double life for years then give up on the truth for a whole year and come back. And then you find real friends that I suppose care for? Most likely no u don't and yes im addicted to my friends.

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