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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Books, Play, NEW ZEELLDDAA!!

Ok  first off ive read a couple of new books. A romance novel and a few edgar allen poe again. SO ive never really been in to romance novels but i cant find anything else to read, plus my best friend reads them.....Maybe mine sucked because 1 i have no sense of unrealness (but yet i dream and hope of things that will never happen, and im a hopeless romantic) or 2 this isnt a book by a big writer...like Lynn Kurkland. And I havent read the rest of book #3 out of a Knights tale yet. And i gave my best friend who also happens to be my 3 time ex, two of my fav. newer books. One is Beautiful Creatures (which by the way wassss only two book series but the writer just came out with a third one EP! i have it waiting for me at the book store.now to find some money) and the other is the second book to the Night Angel trilogy. I love this series im thinking about reading it again. but the only problem is that the second book is with sheyane..and it took her a month to read the first one (only took me a week to read all three) and not only that im sure megan eckel will want to see the second book after reading my second copy of the first book.(or she will be prissy and reject it like everyother book ive given her...OH wait thats rigghhttt she has only read one book out of like ten i have given her :PPP). Ok well about my play not only do i get to act like a girl in one scene but i get to act french and wear a chefs outfit and act chinese and wear a mandarin outfit. And theres a kiss scene so "swiftly" pointed out to me by the girl i kiss....OK it was no wear near swift it was more like hay looky here we kiss then a wink and raiseing up and down of the eyebrows. ANNDDDD THERES A NEW ZELDA GAME OUT!!!! yeah apparently im a zelda poser because i HAVE A LIFE!!!! and dont get to play all the zelda games (which i have done until november the 20th) and remember every bit of each games story line......I have a life. i work. i have to help take care of two kids that arent even mine (siblings) and not only that i have a personal life thats good assosiation and i dont have to hide all of my such great "fun" from home. Anyway this game got 10 out of 10 in game informer and thats rare and plus it was on jimmy fallon which up'ed it way up on my list. We have the brand new WII plus Mario Red edition and its still in the box. Ive been saving it for a moment like this. But again I have a life and my own bills to pay so i wont be able to go out and buy this game until like five months.ok now for the people who actually read my CRAP! im going to complain a bit now...enjoy ----->

Ok, well the heder/title has nothing to do with this paragraph. Ok well this week is suppose to be yes stressful but fun as heck! Its turning out to be ten times as stressful but not even for the reasons i thought it would be. And to top that apparently its make tucker feel like a peice of shit week. (no i refuse to edit this paragraph cause ive had enough of this world right now). And the people i usually lean on the most to be able to make me happy arent around or apparently have lives unlike me. Just once i wish i had a normal childhood. And ya know it sure would be nice sometimes to get away from some of my old friends and i dont mean the worldly ones. I dont know why but it may just be me (probably is) but they seem to piss me off sometimes i know why sometimes i dont. i just wish ah HA! ill temporarely delete my facebook and lose all contact with them!!! Ive been really depressed lately i wonder y.......WEll lets see this morning i was awakened to being yelled at by my mom about allllll my faults and weaknesses shes like her own little satan. And ya know i wish i could find someone besides adults who understand i mean the only people i REAALLLYYYYYY get along with are the older people like bob and joy or Mrs. E. yeah thats about it. im tired of this life and i want out i thought that maybe comeing back into the truth would help but it sure as hell hasnt. Well im gonna go sit in a dark corner curl up into a ball and read some dark poe.....hahaha i wish i have to go to work...again

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