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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Updates so many updates

so i got to see one of my FAV BANDS OF ALLLL TIME!!!!! KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!!!! they basically started the newer metal back in the late 90's. the guitarist also started Parkway Drives (my fav band) first album. And then I bought me some drums (in a pic below) yes i need some more equptment and cymbals but for 175 bucks you cant beat it. I know what im going to dragon con as next year yes the macintosh son from brave!!!! also i had another awesome photo shoot at my sponsors!!!! and then my nanny died the person i spent at LEAST two days with every week and who started my music career and got me into it all i mena i could play pure metal on the guitar and shed like certain things id play i mean i loovveeeddd her then i had to carry her to her grave i really hate to talk about it but i guess you have to eventually i am very glad i know the truth tht has helped knowing she doesnt have to deal with the world and tht ill see her in the new system. :/ i wish i had someone to talk to ohwell:( but tonight i got the privilege of being able to comment at meetings again!!! so maybe another month and ill get to become a publisher again!!!

newish hairstyle

what im doing for dragon con

i bought some drums!!!!

so funny story the other morning i posted tht i really wanted a nice pink sunset or could use one...and guess what jah gave me that day? :D

longboard wreck gonna leave a scar so awesome

longboard guitar

Me and the owner of survival pride

me getting sexy with my board

sponsor posted a pic and within minutes the world loved it lol
This is the band shadows fall this band is pretty old but they rulled this guy as u can see has dreads down to his knees and they had strobes go off and hed jump and stuff omg it was EPIC!!!! what got me is how much those weigh!!! at least 3pounds and he startd whipping them around!!!

This is ADAM D!!!!! omg he is one of my favorite guitarists/producers!!!!! he wore booty shorts!!! his veiw is that it doesnt matter how u look when you play metal!!! he blew rasbperries while playing omg hes awesome. anyway like 2 hours before the show i was outside the peel with my older bro casey and adam d walks by and was like "hey whats up" and i was star struck could not say a word!!!!
original lead singer of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!!!!

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