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Monday, December 3, 2012

Book update

So i have a new fav author. John green. Look him up. Anywho someone gave me "looking for alaska" it made me cry and want to kill myself.....but in a good way if tht makes sense. I had to put the book down at a certain time and just cry.  Anywho im reading his newest book "the fault in our stars". And it anyway read itand im not done but its awesome.  Btw i finished looking for alaska in a night. And anyway in the new book it talks alot abt death heres what i have to say...."i am a grenade", we all are u see cause when we die we have this effect on everyone around us. We all think abt how we want to veiwed ya know? We want people to think a certain thing at our funeral.....screw thar crap i say we need to just be ourselves and ya know live! For instance i got a TBH (to be honest ) thing on face book and it read "tbh: Tucker ...welll....ur Tucker "...and tht made me so happy. Why? Cause im not labeled as a certain thing lile happy or crazy person im labeled as me:) and being urself is what i believe in:) anywho im gonna get off before i cry ..peace

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