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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So me and a friend were talking and she asked my fav car. Which is ig u dont know is my grandfathers 1982 red t-top corvette amd then she said hera was a "shelby GT 500" here was my response:
Cause their regular mustangs suck so bad they have to slap a GT on their better engines (which cost them more to make) so they can sell it at a higher price when really performance wise u can get the same horsepower and torque out of an old chevy muscle car. than the newer mustangs. U see ford had it right in the old days nice mustangs and let shelby cobra build their OWN cars then ford got greedy bought out shelby and started making shi**y cars for more money.
And GT's are made for racing. Lile ferrari gt's are meant specially for racing. When yet yes the shelby gt 500 can put out i think like 650 hp at 6500rpm and torque of arnd 635lb-ft @ 4000 rpm which gives it great speed and acceleration but. Due to the lack of aerodynamics and how bulky the car is and top heavy it is. its pretty much useless for racing unless ur doing drag which to me involves no skill except to.mechanics. now if u like the look of the mustang i can agree i.like the look but raised a mechanic amd racer i despise the.mustangs except the 60 models and early 70'

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