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Friday, December 28, 2012

KILL TUMBLR!!!!! (or maybe just the stupid, lazy, illiterate people)

Okay I am tired of seeing people quit blogging cause 1: they are on tumblr more 2: they say tumblr is better...and many other poor excuses IIIII believe it is due to 1: a lack of knowing what to write 2: lack of being ABLE to write 3: PURE LAZINESS!!!!! Okay tumblr is not better it is a website better refers to an opinion not fact now if you would like to stat that tumblr is much more advanced then yes I will agree. But tumblr is not really a blog unless all u did before was post random pictures you found by other people you see tumblr is just a picture Facebook laced with instagram (so to speak)....You reblog others peoples pictures that are funny, beautiful, and unique, and occasionally post some of your own pictures. Now do not get me wrong I LOOOOVVEEEEEE Tumblr; but alas blogging on blogger is something I am able to do and i suppose ell cause I am about to hit 7000 veiws which is awesome for someone so small. But I am sorry i like to express myself more than just pictures.

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