Warung Bebas

Sunday, October 16, 2011


For a grown man cry at the sight of his young boy accomplishing his dreams

For a husband to comfort his wife no matter how bad life seems

For a mother to love her young in her darkest hour

For a child to rejoice over creating such a simple block tower

For two loved ones ability to sing a symphony with one look

For all the tears and laughter and heart warming adventures in one book

For two people in love to have that one moment of peace where all the pain and stress goes away and all that love is at bay

For the children who see the laughter in the simplest thing and the child who can be occupied with just a string

For all the beautiful things that were giving us. Whether it be a moment, or a scene, or a giggle, or laughter, or tears of joy, or the smile of one who never smiles, or anything that can come to mind. I thank thee jah for all that I appreciate, my friends, my music, my books, ur wildlife, ur forests, ur sunsets, ur flowers and trees and the infinite other things I thank thee. But one thing I thank u for the most.  For you are the god of it. I will never be able to.give as much as u do. But I want to thank thee for it love. Urs. There's. And mine. LOVE!

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