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Friday, October 7, 2011

ways to lose weight

1. Eating breakfast is a very important step. You actually gain weight when you dont eat breakfast.
2. If your going to pick a specific diet make sure dont cheat yourself and stick to it. Studies have shown that to make something a habit u have to do it for 10 consecutive days and the chain is broke if u dont follow it for three days in a row.
3. Choosing a plan is hard. the things u need to keep into careful consideration is:
  • what your weight is now and what you want it to be
  • your environment. you may think this is stupid but if your plan includes physical activity then u need to know your surroundings
  • Physical activity. is not mandotory. BUT!! If u do have physical activity then you need to know your limits! no pain no gain is wrong it should be no burn no gain if your muscles or bones hurt then stop and go see a doctor..(burning and hurting is two different things burning can sometimes hurt but stop being a pansy and suck it up..no offense)
  • Your schedule. your plan will rely alot upon your schedule and you may find the "perfect" diet plan but if iit doesnt fit in with your schedule then it goes horribly wrong.
4. At the start of your program you may not lose weight right off....dont feel down. give it some time to work like maybe a week or two.
5. Dont starve yourself! I've seen too many people get too sick because they never eat.
6. If you have a set time to eat.but your not hungry, DONT EAT!!! Doctors have proven that when you eat when your not hungry is bad for you. you should skip this meal even if its breakfast.
7. Have confidence! No matter how big you may be you need to have the ability to look in the mirror and say."danggg i am one fine peice of work! and if you dont like me the way i am then i dont need u!"
8. If at the end of your program you havent reached your goal weight then you clearly need to move the end date of the program ahead..BUT if you havent made any progress since day one then you need a new program.
9. No matter what your program or plan is, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Preferably water and teas (not sweet or unsweet tea)
10.Last off. dont wear make up it actually makes you gain weight. And no matter what the end result is, you did great beacues you tried and you know now that you have the abilitty to try again!

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