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Monday, October 24, 2011

On top of the world!!!

Ok well this week has been absolutely amazing!!!!! I have a new best freind and i can tell we will stay that way for a long time!!! Ive never really could decide what to do when i turn 18... Now I do! i want to go and move and split rent with a freind in franklin or otto. then once i feel good move to asheville!!! Ok so wednesday was awesome i got a box full of stuff from my freind kaila. And i have to burn one thing in it but eh its cool. And im going to be giving away my disco ball!!! and then that wednesday i got to roller skate again for the first time in 5 years. i was horrible, and I grew like a foot so that didnt help. And i traded my black hair tie for my best friends brown one. Ok yes i have short hair but heres some reasons why i wear a hair tie on my wrist: 1.Incase someone actually needs one to use. 2.I think it looks cool. 3.I like wearing it. 4.I like having it there incase I get bored and need something to play with haha. 5.idk i just like it so deal!!! Ok well megna got a picture of me with a girly clip in my hair and two itty bitty pony tails. I might try and get it off her computer the 5th when i get to take my best freind over to see my favorite family! And last night was another great day! and NIGHT! AND MORNING!!!! hahaha me and zachary went over to the keys and got to play football but my favorite part was just staying in kailas room with the lights off when it was nice and mellow and then giving megan a massage and playing guitar! Almost had to put kaila on a leash for a minute cause zach kept hitting her with the darts from a dart gun. good thing i still know how to do a triangle choke with my legs.....i didnt get her around the neck just her leg hahah still nworked considering im 100 pounds more than kit kat (my nickname for kaila). And me and zack stayed up till 3 playing video games.I got a 100 singing so what chya want on expert!!!! And then we played monopoly. Cant wait till next wednseday...and that week will be amazing as well... I LOVE ALL U GIRLS AND MY BRO ZACH!!!

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