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Thursday, June 2, 2011

So far + Pirates reveiw

Well so far my life away from home is awesome at home not so much. I went to go watch the pirates of the carribean 4. It was pretty cool. Iwatched Kung foo panda 2 previously in the week and i didnt get to really watch it cause i had someone on my mind.But by the time i got to watch the pirates movie i was better and had her settled down on my mind. But i think i could make a good movie critic.Well anyway if u havent seen it dont read the rest.Well anyway id give the movie a 3 out of 5 cause it did have a lot of bloopers and didnt have Orlando Bloom in it (im not gay) it kinda reminded me of the fast and furious series....ugh.well anyway again I liked tht captain Jack Sparrow (johnny depp) finally works together with Barbosa.Quite funny.But  you do get into more of Sparrows history and his trickery. Anyway i reccomend it to anyone who does like the movies it did get alot less demonic and for those who arent like me. haha

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