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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

apparently someone googled my name and then tlc into google to look for my blog. i dont know who you are and i really dont care to be honest but well ive probably met you and this is crazy but screw off maybe? yes. yes i just did that. i dont want people in my life so stay out! select few thats all. sooo besides the fact life sucks....now when i usually say this some roll there eyes and say im a drama a queen but ya know i guess my dad being sent off to a mental hospital and wanting to divorce my mom and my lil brother creating a suicide note and being caught in the act and stopped and then my knee surgery soon isnt really life sucking.. right? SCREW OFF!!!!! all of you some of you have been there for me and said u would like the eberlys and i respect that others now u say it but u yet hold a grudge. eh i really dont even care abt going into it all i know is i dont like you i dont want you and thats basically it oh! i was profiled or diagnosed or whatever for being antisocial...haha u may say TUCKER? NO WAY!!!! well things happen to people that change them. but "how you survie is what makes you who you are" not that bull crap "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" its b.s. i say B>S>!!!! anywho ive been on a lyric frenzy lately i would sooo upload them but then again i hate all of you haha! so lets see hmmmmmmmm. OH! going to go see kings of prussia!!!! at the peel they are a heavy metal/ electronica instrumental band no words at all. um im going to also go see ten years! AND OMG OMG OMG THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS!!!! EEPPPPP i  love rja!!!!!!!!!!!  too bad ill be on crutches then!!!! ANd ima go see august burns red (one of the first bands i ever heard that got me into metal/screamo) and OF MICE AND MEN!!!!!!! EPP!!!! god i love bands i can sing perfect!!! so i apparently have a high pitched singing voice like i can sing one direction sleeping with sirens pierce the veil and of mice and men and the red jumpsuit apparatus spot ON!!!!! i ju st like singing in general....now my scream tho is well ummm can reach all lengths at this moment but i can only do one for so long like if i do mid or high or low pitch i can go a few hours of singing but if i mix them i can go abt one. anyway im also gonna go see pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens on their tour with my buddy seth from the coast and we are gonna go ..well he is gonna ggo...ok well we r gonna be full on scene (emo posers). but i dress like that now so he only does when its near the cold season cause well...he lives at the beach.

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