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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

well updates

     Ok first off id like to say sorry that i havent posted in awhlie because ive been busy and my computer is being stupid :/ . So whats new???? well I got 550 feet of paracord and getting orders already on stuff to make. I need more colors i only have tan :/ ......OHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!!! TUESDAY!!! WAS!!!! AMMMAAAZZINNG!!!!!! hehehehe god im so fluffy on the inside right now.....so I got some dr.dre beats!!! which RUULLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i got a huge survival knife which i will post later cause my combuter IS A BUTT!!!!! so i was at the tuesday cashiers meeting to see frank milanos talk and brother schott was there he started off by trying to stare me down without a smile for like 5 minutes but i won and did it with a smile the whole time MUWAHAHAHAHA he invited me to his talk thursday which i reallly am gonna try to go to so that will make three meetings ive gone to this week. ANd before the meeting started megan eberly and me were talking and i said "i wear this *points to ring* for protection
" she freaked out and was like "OMG TUCKER!!!! does that have any significance?" im like whhaaa???????? she said with a huge smile on her face "yooouuu know...megggaannn? " im like ummm uhhhhh no comment and i said no i wear it to keep the girls away and she was like "suurree" hahaha i love my big sis.  Shes going to hawaii next week and so im going to get me chrius the jones and me and zach and max to go if ya read this come on over and skate with me pllleeeaseee!!! even if u just sit there and be relaxed its all good!!! im sure we may get u to skate eventually hahaha anyway thats it for now buh BYE!!!!!

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