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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I thought this was worth reposting


"I beacame insane, with long intervals of horrible moments of sanity"-Edgar Allan Poe

Thinking upon thy's past
And looking upon thy's present
And the kind of person for I am today
I have seen that for I have changed in such a many a way
That once upon that old past
I couldn't have even begin to have comprehend these ways i would have changed
which makes thyself HAST!
to think
is these changes
ohhh these changes
been for ones good or worst?
For thyself shall never knoweth
But thy true
He, he shall always, always knoweth
my past
my present
and my future
But I do not knoweth....for now
until I knoweth wether or not
It is for good or worst
I shall Set on my way
my path
my path
of hopefully righteousness
that lay in front of ones self

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