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Monday, December 19, 2011

Dopple ganger and more me being punk

Ok so I was just browseing thru deviantart and i found the bottom picture.....Well at least to me they look similar. The girl at the top is a really close friend of mine whom which I love. And do you see the ring the girl is wearing? Well megan has, I think a few rings like that and she loves them too. Anywho its time to get off the subject of these most elegant and beautiful girls ;) .....So my parents are getting old always saying "turn that music down" "PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!" and stuff like that and with myt fav shorts they do drag, and with the shirt I was wearing (my purple fanta shirt) because it was tight and not very long it would show my underwear every what 10 minutes? But anywho who likes punk music? -raises hand- yeah I dont care.....OK!! I would like to discuss a few things that has been putting me down, because I am not going to take it anymore III have to have some personal enjoyment in life I AM NOOOTTT gonna put up with anyone compareing me to someone ESPECIALLY when people say "oh he can do that better" ok excuse my french but frankly I DONT GIVE A DAMN!!!!  Im Tucker Xavier Moore, im no Shawn White, no Dave Grohl, or who the hell else. I do things to succeed but my PURE reason behind the things i do is to HAVE FUN! not to be the best cause something ive learned is there is ALWAYS someone better out there. always...So if you wanna go and compare me to others then I can leave cause apparently IM not good enough for you. And I really dont care. Cause everytime I start to care I get hurt, but then one person comes along to where I can trust them, i can beleive every word they say even if i know its a lie, I can be myself and I can be happy and I push myself to be happy for them and they accept me for who i am. I have three people in my life like that right now, and i love them to death. Ok and another thing im tired of people always bragging to me about all there fancy material things and the things they get to do with there friendsm again I dont give a damn, I may not have a Big Brand Name guitar or a fancy expensive camera, but AGAIN!!! I do things for the fun, to enjoy it. Men (or women) arent measured by how much of a man they are by how big or expensive their clothes are, BUT by the person wearing the clothes. So next time you go to anyone and start to brag take a look atr yourself in the mirror then think about all the crap the other person has been thru then choose your words carefully. Another thing WHERE THE HELL did everyones respect for me go? My own 6 year old sister wont even give me respect. Ok wells besides all that im pretty fine, im really happy, the only thing im scared about is this week im suppose to go to the fun factory and im really itching to get into a fight. And I dont want to fight, I love to fight but i dont want to be violent anymore. But to be honest i doubt any of my """"friends""" will even come.

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