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Friday, December 16, 2011

Rise up!

Its official.  My parents have become too old. Why? Well let's see. One I turn my music up just a bit and they scream and cuss at me. Now you may say maybe it is too loud. Well explain why when I have my ear buds in and im five feet away they tell me to turn it off cause its too loud. Now me being the punk I am I of course reply with "YOUR TOO OLD!" . And usually they pay no attention.  Two I wear shorts and my green converse and a tightish black tee shirt and have my hair all spikey/messy and my mom and dad will either say you look stolid-mom or you look like a dumbass-dad... Now another viewpoint. Id I went to Asheville with some acquintances and a my best friends emma and Rebekah. And now all but one of these people were girls. And I spilled my drink in the car on my deadmau5 shirt so I went to buy a new one. They picked out a tight v-neck and they loved it and said it shows my muscles. Which I don't really have apparently. And I get home around 11 walk in the house all happy like and the first words out of my moms mouth was "that shirt makes you look fat". Not where did you get that? Or why did you buy a shirt?...bummer. But then this is the same person who has always bought shirts that are twice my size all thru my life until now cause I get money from work. Seriously I have shirts I wore in pictures from 5th grade that.now fit me nice and snug. Oh well. What can I do? Well as much as I would loovveeee to rise up and be rebellious. Its against gods laws. So im just gonna wait till I turn 18 and can get the heck out of this place!

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