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Friday, December 9, 2011

What evs

Ok well no one has updated there blog lately besides me..........I has no life. So anywho on to the updates. I got to go roller skateing with my most excellent freinds megan, kaila, and lauren. My brother came alon which I didnt really mind. Except that everytime he fell if I was with in 5 feet he would blame me for. I've been watching smallville lately. Its this old tv show from a few years ago, about the story of superman but with drama. And lately I've been wearing alot of blue and black so of course I think im this guy.
 Yeah he's one of my favorites. He isnt that big of a character and not a lot of people know him, BUT I DO!!!! But anyway this is dick grayson a.k.a robin gone rogue. SO my life has been pretty good haveing some freindship issues with my favorite sister but other than that its all nice and smooth.

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