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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 27th

December 27th

This was the day my life changed

It was late that night when I got the news

At first I didnt know how to react

My mind was rushing

The tears were gushing

I couldn't cry then tho, which always got me

I couldn't cry no matter how hard I tried

Life was just a haze

From that moment all the way to right before the receiving of friends

I don't remember a thing

And I remember crying all that day thinking I couldn't cry anymore

Then thats when I saw her laying there cold with no movement

And the unthinkable happened...I cried harder

What I realize now is that, that wasnt her

The real her I shall see her again

Has been two years since that day

There has been days where I pull my hair out and ball my eyes out thinking of her

There has been days where I just remain silent stareing off into space

Not a day goes bye that I don't think of her

But my favorite days are days where all I remember is the good times we had

Discussing the Cowboys

Discussing music

How she loved the Zac Brown Band

Tho days like these are few I cherish every. single. second of them and so should you!

R.I.P    Karla Elizabeth Allred

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