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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nothing new, but updates

Well today is saturday the uhhh.....24th. Yesterday was a pretty good day even tho I did nothing at all...I think today im gonna go get my hair cut again and maybe go to the city lights cafe or signature brew...The thing is I doubt any of these places are open. Its been two weeks since ive gotten my hair cut and I can barely even tell if its grown. You see im use to long hair. Mainly cause I've never been shown what GOOOODDD short hair looks like till I saw eddie eckels hair. Now some will saw oh we showed you james marsden hair. NUHUH he has long hair and its styled to look short.. Anywho eddie eckel is like one of two of my role models and heros that I really  look up to. The first one is bob alexander. But the reason that eddie is I've heard the things he has went thru as a kid like haveing practically raise is family. And I've had to do that my whole life and I still am. And to see how he is doing with his life NOW!!! gives me so much hope. Hope I've never really had. I just hope that one day i can be like him.....Then again he has an amazing wife as well and shes practically my mom. And tho I am not attracted to rebekah like that AT ALL I'd like to have a wife with the same personality and morals as her one day.Well I think thats all I get to share today hahaha ok well wolf out.

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