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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ok so i went camping to the convention and camped thru the next week to the other week end.convention with the eberlys......in which instead of formally telling me they are with child the wife calls a friend in charlottle and says in while im around. Ok so i was the last! To.know....... so let me get this straight ive been in the same hall as u since i was born. And have known u guys since u were married. Hung out since u were married and been ur little bro since u were married....so ive known u for 16 years. Friends and closer for AT LEAST!!! 6years and uuuuu flipping decide to tell people in franklin who iiiii introduced u to first!!!!!! And they werent suppose to tell anyone but yet a mr. Devin brady did! (Which alot og people arent happy and want to hurt u no lie) so i call my mom to tell her and shes at my halls gwt together ans wouldnt u know everyone at our hall already knows. Woowwwww i feel siooo freakig special. Bite my bum! Another thing if u cant wake up and get out of my tent in time dont sleep in it. I had time to shower. Dress. Write this blog. And pack allllll my stuff in the time it took.u to get up!. Yeah im heartless so what. With child or not. My tent. My campsite.  Get the hell up! Im really sick and tired of neing pushed around. Im tired of always being the one blamed. 18 comes around and im gonnneeee screw my mom. My brother. My sister.  Eric (stepdad who abuses me but no one gives two flips  about) and alll these so called "friends" again bite my white butt!. Ive been doing swell without annnnyyy of u the past few months im gonna keep it that way. Nothing but freaking drama! And for those who think the shafers are nad influences well screw u! They r my brothers and yeah we may make mistakes but we are trying and r not hypocrites lile half the people in the truth.  Screw u. Bite my butt have a nice day buh bye

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