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Saturday, June 23, 2012

new workout

The Upper Body
Pick exercises that work well together like push-ups or dips, abdominal exercises, and pull-ups. Arrange them in a way that you can perform an "active rest" by doing another exercise to "rest" the previous worked muscles from the exercise before.  For instance:
Set #1Set #2Set #3Set #4Set #5
2 Pull-ups4 Pull-ups6 Pull-ups8 Pull-ups10 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups10 Push-ups15 Push-ups20 Push-ups25 Push-ups
10 Abs of Choice20 Abs of Choice30 Abs of Choice40 Abs of Choice50 Abs of Choice
…continue on until failure or just before and repeat in reverse order
Some days I recommend mixing in some sprinting exercises into your workouts. This helps with training for the PFT transitions that must occur when doing upper body PFT and then running afterwards.
You can also mix in the same exercises in one of my favorite workouts that will help you reach max repetition in these exercises during fitness tests:
Repeat until you reach these numbers using max repetition effort each set:
Pullups - In as few sets as possible get 50-100 pullups by resting with:
- Pushups (max reps in one minute)
- Situps (max reps in one minute)
- Running 1/4 mile in goal PFT running pace (ie 9:00 1.5 mile goal = 90 seconds 1/4 mile)
Repeat this cycle until you reach your goal in pull-ups in the 50 -100 range.
For Lower Body Workouts using a Pyramid and Super Set:
Here is how I recommend creating a pyramid mixed with fast paced cardio:
Run / Leg PT
Repeat 5-6 times
- Run 1/4 mile at goal PFT pace
- Squats – 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 , 20….(increase reps each cycle for 5-6 cycles)
- Lunges 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
You could make each set harder if you like the pyramid version or keep each set the same and basically make it a Super Set.

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