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Sunday, June 17, 2012

So i got back from.the second week.of.convention today. I got to have the most amazing time! I got to.hang.out with all.my.friends my older.brother will Lathrop from s.c. and his.friends colby which.we hit it.off great!  And i got to hang.with shelby mindit whose.like a sister but not quite earned that status yet. Amd then got to see natasha miduri which i havent seen in years!! Her.kids.r.sooooo cute. And of course me will and she devlin all got together and talked alllll thru lunch haveing an amazing time. I kinda dig.his stache will didnt but we got to.looking and he kinda looks like.luigi lol so.we spent half the time.looking for a mario looking.man to.take a picture hahaha. Unfortunately we never found one.  But then after me the Eberlys and will colby amd.brandi.keys who.i love shes a country little.blonde whose real ditzy and we went to olive garden.which.we had.a flipping blast!!!! Non stop.laughter all the time

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