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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ok so before i start i would just like to say how annoying florence and the machine is now....i mean yes she has an amazing voice BUT!!!!!! She welllll it all sounds the same to me no differenciates. so now back to my music video posts!!
                                                   Falling in reverse- Raised by wolves

HOLLYYY CRAPP!!!!! ok sorry i was surfing the youtubbeeyy thing and found vids of the concert i went to!!! here is one that the last band started with and omg !!!! i rememebr it when it started it literally scare evvverrryyyonneeee and everyone got shaky and bout peed their pants , then we moshed lol

                                       so people ask me what my scream and growls sound like!!! soooo im going to post some videos of how i sound, they wont be of me not yet i refuse to record without proper equipment, tho i will gllaaadddlllyyyyyy scream along with annyyy song! hehehehe

                           my best freind collin said that this scream sounds just like mine when im messing around 

i love this band and i have this album on cd. they are UBER sick!!!! when someone of my type says a band or voice is sick it means it is kinda gargely and deep with a roar!!!! which when i let out my scream it sounds like the begining lyric where he syas "please" really loud and high

i love this song and wish i could play it on guitar but for now ill sing -it key for key ;;;;;)))))

                                         so here is my FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!! PARKWAY DRIVE!!!!!!! which i actually bought a rather tight tee shirt that looks like this LINK <- click it!!!!! and anyway this was the song that got me started on screamo it really did and i love it!!!!! casey started me off on slipnot but this is what got me screaming so yeah love these guys sooo much :')

ok soooo this is ana amzing band and the guitar player Ben Bruce hes the one who does a guitar flip around his body and does a spin after it. he has tats all up his neck and long light brown hair..yeah hes ube rhot i know right? lol hahahahaha oh did u see danny worsnop (lead singer) drink monster hehehehehe!!!!!!!! i can sing this song dead on except i cant hold on for like 30 seconds as he does

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